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St. Spyridon Icon Set | Silver 999 | Handmade Gift


Saint Mina Icon Set – Silver 999, Handmade + Box
98.00 85.26 (13%)
Saint Mina Wonderworker, 2 Small Icons Set, Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 handmade, Christian Silver Handmade Icon, Gift box. B386
Holy Family Silver Plated Icon Set
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The Holy Family. Christian Icon Silver Plated .999 ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B382
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Product Code: B385.
Highlights: handmade, consecrated
Materials: wood/MDF board, fine silver (999), gift box

EAN: 1390000303683
SKU: B385
In the heart of spiritual devotion and Orthodox tradition, the St Spyridon Icon emerges as a beacon of faith and miraculous power. This Orthodox Icon Set, comprised of Handmade Religious Art, invites a journey into the sacred, enveloping believers in the grace and protection of Saint Spyridon. Crafted with meticulous care, the set includes a majestic Silver 999 Icons representation of St Spyridon, alongside two smaller icons, forming a triptych of divine guardianship and blessing. Craftsmanship That Bridges Heaven and Earth The art of iconography, a revered tradition within the Christian Orthodox faith, finds a profound expression in this set. Each piece is a Handmade Icon, a testament to the dedication and spiritual commitment of the artisans. These icons are not merely religious decorations; they are Spiritual Gifts, intended to convey the sacred presence and intercession of the saints they depict. The use of Fine Silver Art in these icons underscores their significance as objects of veneration and devotion. Materials and Dimensions: A Confluence of Tradition and Craft The principal icon of St Spyridon, standing at 13 x 18 cm (5.12 x 7.1 inches), and the two smaller icons, each measuring 6.4 x 5 cm (2.52 x 1.97 inches), are crafted from solid wood and high-density MDF board, respectively. The choice of materials speaks to the icons' durability and the artisans' devotion to quality. Plated with fine silver (999), these icons are not only Silver Plated Icon but also sacred vessels of spiritual power. St Spyridon: The Shepherd of Souls St Spyridon, a revered figure in Orthodox Christianity, is known for his miraculous interventions and compassionate heart. This Patron Saint Icon set brings his presence into homes, offering protection and guidance. Known to aid those in financial need, St Spyridon's image is especially cherished among merchants and those seeking divine assistance in their livelihoods. A Sacred Presence in Christian Homes Integrating these icons into one's space invites a sanctity that transcends the ordinary. As Sacred Decor, they serve not only as reminders of the divine but also as focal points for prayer and reflection. The Christian Icons Gift of St Spyridon and the accompanying images of Christ Pantocrator and Our Lady of Vladimir enrich the spiritual atmosphere of any home, making them essential Church Icons for personal devotion. Beyond Aesthetics: The Power of Faith and Art These icons are more than Religious Artwork; they are windows to the divine, channels through which the faithful can connect with the saints' intercessory power. Owning such a set is a commitment to a life guided by faith, a life where Spiritual Gifts like these serve as beacons of hope and sources of strength. Supporting Tradition and Craftsmanship By choosing this Icon Gift Box, patrons not only enrich their spiritual lives but also support the continuation of a sacred art form. These icons, consecrated and blessed, are products of Handmade Religious Art that uphold the traditions of the Orthodox Church. In purchasing them, one contributes to sustaining the community of Christian artisans dedicated to their craft. The St Spyridon Orthodox Icon Set, with its Fine Silver Art and profound spiritual significance, represents a heritage of faith that has been cherished across generations. It embodies the essence of Orthodox spirituality, offering a tangible connection to the divine. As we welcome these sacred images into our homes, we are reminded of the enduring presence of the saints in our lives, guiding us toward the light of Christ.
1 review for St. Spyridon Icon Set | Silver 999 | Handmade Gift
2021-12-17 05:09:33
Was looking for a quality icon of Saint Spyridon in many shops and found it at Andcross. Product was shipped securely and arrived undamaged. Thanks! I bought it for my mother as a surprise, she was very pleased and said it was the most beautiful piece in her collection!
5 out of 5



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