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Vladimir Mother of God Icon Set – Blessed Artwork


Holy Trinity Icon Set from Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery
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Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of The Holy Trinity From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery. B472
Monastery Russian Orthodox Church, Quality 24 Wax Candles, Ceramic Holder, 2 icon cards, Gift Set. B470
Monastery Russian Orthodox Church, Quality 24 Wax Candles, Ceramic Holder, 2 icon cards, Gift Set. B470
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Product code: B471.
Icon sizes are 90mm x 110mm x 20mm.
Ceramics candlestick. The size is 70mm x 45mm.

EAN: 1390000309401
SKU: B471
Embarking on an exploration of the Orthodox Gift Set featuring the Icon of the Mother of God Vladimir from Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery, we delve into a realm where spirituality, art, and history converge. This gift set, meticulously crafted and imbued with deep religious significance, serves as a tangible connection between the faithful and the divine, fostering a profound sense of reverence and protection. The Icon of the Mother of God Vladimir: A Beacon of Faith The Vladimir Mother of God Icon is among the most venerated in Orthodox Christianity, symbolizing the merciful love and intercession of the Virgin Mary for all humanity. Originating from the Byzantine Empire in the 12th century, this icon's journey to Russia and its role in Russian history underscore its significance. The icon depicted in this gift set is handmade, utilizing the traditional technique of applying tempera, varnish, and drying oil on wood, a testament to the devotion and skill of its creators. Measuring 90mm x 110mm x 20mm, this piece is not just a religious artifact but a work of art that stands as a testament to centuries of faith and devotion. Craftsmanship and Spiritual Essence The creation of the Vladimir Mother of God Icon within this set follows a venerable tradition, blending artistic mastery with spiritual dedication. The use of tempera, varnish, and drying oil on wood, methods passed down through generations, results in a piece that is both beautiful and durable. The dimensions and materials chosen for the icon, along with the accompanying items in the set, are carefully selected to enhance the personal prayer space of the believer, creating a sanctuary of peace and reflection. Components of the Gift Set: A Holistic Approach to Devotion Accompanying the icon, the set includes 12 wax candles for home praying, each adorned with the image of the Mother of God Vladimir and inscribed with the prayer Save and Protect. These candles, measuring 195mm x 8mm, serve as a medium for the faithful to express their devotion and seek the Virgin Mary's protection. A ceramic candlestick, sized at 70mm x 45mm, and an Orthodox prayer book containing the Akathist to the Mother of God Vladimir complete the set, offering a comprehensive toolkit for worship and prayer. Blessed Origins: The Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery Each component of the Orthodox Gift Set, including the icon, has been blessed at the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. This blessing connects the set to a lineage of prayer and monastic life, infusing it with a spiritual potency recognized by the faithful. The monastery itself, a spiritual fortress of the Russian Orthodox Church, lends its sacred aura to the items, making them more than mere objects; they become vessels of grace and devotion. The Role of the Icon in Spiritual Practice This Orthodox Gift Set serves multiple roles in the spiritual life of a believer. The Vladimir Mother of God Icon acts as a focal point for prayer and meditation, inviting the presence of the Holy Virgin into one's home. The candles and prayer book facilitate the practice of daily prayers, creating a sacred space for the individual or family to connect with God and the saints of Pskov-Pechersk, who intercede on behalf of the faithful. Historical and Cultural Significance The inclusion of the Vladimir Mother of God Icon in this set highlights its importance in Orthodox Christian history and culture. The icon's story is intertwined with significant events in Russian history, symbolizing the nation's faith and resilience. By owning this set, believers partake in a rich tradition that transcends centuries, preserving the memory and veneration of the Holy Mother for future generations. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of the Mother of God Vladimir from Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery is a profound expression of faith, a tool for spiritual protection, and a work of religious art. It serves as a tangible connection to the divine, offering believers a means to enhance their prayer life and to feel the comforting presence of the Virgin Mary. Through this gift set, the faithful are invited to deepen their spiritual journey, embracing the protection and guidance of the Mother of God as they navigate the challenges and joys of life. This exploration into the significance and application of the Orthodox Gift Set reveals the depth of devotion and tradition that characterizes Orthodox Christian spirituality. The set is not just a collection of religious items; it is a gateway to a deeper, more profound faith experience, inviting believers to immerse themselves in the legacy of the Mother of God Vladimir and the rich heritage of Orthodox Christianity. The Spiritual Utility of the Gift Set The Orthodox Gift Set is not merely a collection of items; it is a curated ensemble designed to facilitate and deepen the spiritual practice of the faithful. The presence of the icon in one's home serves as a constant reminder of the Virgin Mary's protective gaze and intercessory power. The act of lighting the Save and Protect candles creates a ritualistic space for prayer and contemplation, allowing individuals to connect with the divine in the intimacy of their personal environment. This ritual, supported by the Akathist prayers, becomes a daily source of strength, guidance, and comfort, reinforcing the believer's spiritual foundation. Integration into Family and Community Life The gift set plays a crucial role in fostering a spiritual atmosphere within the family and the broader Orthodox community. It serves as a focal point for family prayers, teaching younger generations the importance of devotion and the practice of faith. In the community, sharing these practices and traditions strengthens the bonds between individuals, uniting them in a shared spiritual journey. The gift set, therefore, transcends its physical components, becoming a catalyst for communal unity and spiritual education. Historical Resonance and Cultural Impact The Icon of the Mother of God Vladimir carries with it centuries of history, embodying the resilience and faith of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Its story is a testament to the enduring power of devotion through times of turmoil and peace. This historical resonance adds depth to the gift set, making it not only a personal spiritual tool but also a link to the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian history and culture. The set, therefore, serves as a bridge connecting the present with the past, allowing believers to partake in a tradition that has been a source of hope and inspiration for generations. The Icon as a Work of Art Beyond its spiritual significance, the icon is a masterpiece of religious art, showcasing the intricate beauty of Orthodox iconography. The craftsmanship involved in creating the icon—using tempera, varnish, and drying oil on wood—reflects a deep respect for traditional techniques while producing a piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually charged. This artistry not only enhances the devotional experience but also preserves the cultural heritage of Orthodox Christianity, making the gift set a valuable possession for both believers and enthusiasts of religious art. The Blessing from Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery The blessing of the gift set items by the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery imbues them with a spiritual authenticity and connection to the monastic community known for its deep spirituality and prayerful life. This blessing is not merely a ritual; it is an act that connects the believer to a continuum of faith, prayer, and sanctity that has been maintained by the monastery for centuries. It assures the faithful that the items they use in their devotional practices are not only physically but also spiritually significant, carrying with them the prayers and blessings of the monastic community. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of the Mother of God Vladimir from Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery is a profound testament to the depth and richness of Orthodox Christian spirituality. It serves as a daily reminder of the Virgin Mary's protection, a tool for deepening one's faith, and a link to the historical and cultural legacy of Orthodoxy. Through this gift set, believers are invited to engage more deeply with their spiritual heritage, finding in it a source of strength, guidance, and inspiration. This exploration has revealed not just the utility of the gift set in personal and communal religious practice, but also its role in sustaining and transmitting the vibrant tradition of Orthodox Christianity to future generations.
3 reviews for Vladimir Mother of God Icon Set – Blessed Artwork
A. Novikova
2024-02-20 20:12:16
Unlike my custommade product, here you can feel the Christian soul poured into making every single piece. I already bought many icons from this store but it was my 1st purchase containing candles! Amazing!! High quality beeswax candles right from the monastery. They burn absolutely clean and are exactly the size of the candlestick that comes with it
5 out of 5
Betty (Elisabeth)
2023-06-24 13:31:57
Exceptional customer service. Very helpful, generous and genuine. An absolutely gorgeous very well hand crafted icon and supplementary objects that I wanted for praying at home. Living far away from church, I feel the need sometimes to address the Virgin Mary properly – as the tradition requires. This wonderful set works well for me. Endless gratitude for this
5 out of 5
Dora A.
2022-12-26 12:47:47
Beautiful christian set. i loved that the candles had the prayer on them. The small icon of the mother of God is a masterpiece of religious art. The vitality & distinctive soul of the authentic work shines through in it. Thank you, so happy i found these online while i live in a very distant area from the orthodox spirituality.
5 out of 5



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