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Holy Guardian Angel Icon Set – Consecrated with Candles


Holy Trinity Icon & Wax Candles Set – Consecrated Gift
60.00 53.40 (11%)
The Icon Of The Holy Trinity From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, consecrated, Orthodox Gift Set, 12 wax candles, handmade. B460
St. Spyridon Silver Icon Set – Handmade Devotional
72.00 64.08 (11%)
Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of Saint Spyridon Bishop of Trimythous, Silver Plated 999 version, handmade,Saint Spyridon. B458
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Product code: B459.
Icon is 90mm x 110mm x 20mm.
1 box with the 12 wax candles for home praying , with the image of the icon of Holy Guardian Angel. On each candle is the prayer – Save and Protect.
The size is 195mm x 8mm.
Ceramics candlestick.
The size is 70mm x 45mm.

EAN: 1390000308534
SKU: B459
In the realm of Orthodox Christianity, the practice of venerating icons is not only a testament to the believer's devotion but also a profound channel of communication with the divine. Among the myriad of icons revered in this rich spiritual tradition, the Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel holds a special place, symbolizing the protective and guiding presence that watches over each soul. This particular Orthodox Gift Set, featuring the Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, encapsulates a sacred blend of artistry, faith, and divine guardianship, designed to enrich the spiritual life of its recipient. The Holy Guardian Angel Icon: A Symbol of Divine Watchfulness The Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel, rendered with meticulous care using the traditional tempera art technique, represents the invisible yet ever-present protector that Christian doctrine teaches is assigned to every faithful soul. This icon, handmade with a combination of tempera, varnish, and drying oil on wood, serves as a visual reminder of this celestial guardianship. The use of these specific materials and techniques is rooted in centuries-old traditions of iconography, where the making of an icon is as much a spiritual undertaking as it is an artistic one. In Orthodox Christian theology, the Guardian Angel is not merely a symbolic figure but a real presence that guides, protects, and intercedes for the individual throughout their life. The depiction of the Guardian Angel in iconography, therefore, carries deep spiritual significance, making this gift set an invaluable spiritual protection gift for the believer. Craftsmanship and Sacred Blessings Measuring 90mm x 110mm x 20mm, the icon's dimensions are chosen with care to ensure it is both a prominent piece for devotion and a fitting addition to the religious home decor. The choice of wood as the material for the icon is significant as well, offering durability and a natural beauty that complements the sacred image it bears. Accompanying the icon in this gift set are 12 wax candles, each adorned with the image of the Holy Guardian Angel and carrying the prayer "Save and Protect." These candles, measuring 195mm x 8mm, are not only items for prayer but also symbols of the light of Christ that the Guardian Angel brings into the believer's life. The inclusion of a ceramic candlestick, measuring 70mm x 45mm, completes this set, providing a designated place for lighting the candles in a prayerful or meditative setting. Every item in this gift set has been blessed in the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, imparting a spiritual sanctity that underscores the set's purpose as a conduit for divine grace and protection. The monastery's role in consecrating these items links them to a long lineage of Orthodox spiritual practice and tradition, making the set a deeply meaningful addition to any spiritual collection. The Historical and Spiritual Context The Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, from which this gift set originates, is a bastion of Orthodox spirituality, renowned for its devotion to the monastic life and its preservation of sacred traditions. The monastery's blessing of these items imbues them with a spiritual authenticity and potency, rooted in the prayers and liturgical life of the monastic community. The tradition of venerating Guardian Angel icons, and indeed the broader practice of icon veneration, is integral to Orthodox Christian spirituality. Icons serve as windows to the divine, mediating the presence of saints, angels, and the Holy Trinity to the faithful on earth. This gift set, with its focus on the Holy Guardian Angel, thus serves as a personal altar, a space of divine encounter where the believer can come into the presence of their heavenly protector. Application in Daily Life The practical application of this gift set in the life of the believer is manifold. Positioned within the home, the Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel becomes a focal point for daily prayer and reflection, a source of comfort in times of distress, and a constant reminder of God's loving care and protection. The candles, lit during prayer or meditation, symbolize the light of Christ dispelling the darkness of sin and doubt, guided by the angel's unseen hand. For those seeking a tangible connection to their faith, this Orthodox Gift Set offers a means to deepen their spiritual practice, to cultivate a sense of sanctity within their daily environment, and to maintain a living connection with the divine. Whether given as a gift for baptisms, name days, or any occasion of spiritual significance, it carries the promise of divine watchfulness and care, making it a truly meaningful spiritual protection gift. In conclusion, the Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery is more than just a collection of religious items. It is a testament to the enduring power of faith, the protective love of God as manifested through the Guardian Angel, and the sacred artistry that brings this divine reality into the believer's life. Through its thoughtful composition and spiritual blessings, it offers a path to deeper faith, a stronger sense of divine presence, and a continuous reminder of the heavenly care that surrounds each soul on its earthly pilgrimage. As we delve deeper into the spiritual essence and applications of the Orthodox Gift Set, it becomes imperative to explore not only the immediate use of these items in personal devotion and home sanctification but also their broader implications in the life of the Orthodox faithful. This set, blessed at the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, embodies a rich tapestry of faith, heritage, and spiritual discipline that transcends mere aesthetic appreciation, fostering a profound engagement with the divine. Integration into Personal and Community Worship The Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel, alongside the consecrated wax candles and ceramic candlestick, serves as a cornerstone for establishing a sacred space within the home. This sacred space acts as a personal chapel, a sanctum where believers can retreat for prayer, reflection, and communion with God. By integrating these items into daily worship practices, the faithful can cultivate a rhythm of prayer that aligns them more closely with the teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church. Moreover, this gift set extends its utility to communal worship settings such as small group prayers, family devotions, and even as part of the decor in local parish buildings. In these communal contexts, the set facilitates a shared experience of the divine, uniting participants in a common journey towards sanctity and spiritual enlightenment. The act of lighting candles together, venerating the icon, and invoking the protection of the Holy Guardian Angel can strengthen communal bonds and deepen the collective sense of spiritual purpose. The Guardian Angel in Orthodox Theology and Spirituality The veneration of the Holy Guardian Angel through iconography and prayer underscores a fundamental aspect of Orthodox theology—the personal and intimate care that God extends to each believer. Orthodox spirituality teaches that each person is assigned a Guardian Angel at baptism, tasked with protecting and guiding them towards theosis, the process of becoming more like God in love and holiness. This gift set, therefore, is not only a reminder of this divine guardianship but also an invitation to engage more deeply with one's Guardian Angel through prayer and contemplation. Educational and Catechetical Use Beyond personal and communal worship, the Orthodox Gift Set finds application in the educational and catechetical efforts of the Church. For catechumens preparing to enter the Orthodox faith and for young believers growing in their understanding of their heritage, the set serves as a tangible link to the rich iconographic and liturgical traditions of Orthodoxy. By exploring the symbolism, history, and spiritual significance of the Holy Guardian Angel icon, believers of all ages can gain deeper insights into the faith and develop a more profound connection with the Church's teachings. The Role of Sacred Artifacts in Fostering Holiness In the journey towards holiness, sacred artifacts such as those contained in the Orthodox Gift Set play a pivotal role. They are not mere objects of religious art but vehicles of grace, serving as aids in the believer's quest for sanctity. Through the veneration of icons, the lighting of candles, and the establishment of a personal prayer space, the faithful can cultivate an atmosphere of holiness that permeates their daily lives, transforming ordinary moments into opportunities for divine encounter. A Gift of Divine Encounter In sum, the Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of the Holy Guardian Angel from the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery is a profound gift of faith, protection, and spiritual beauty. It encapsulates the essence of Orthodox Christianity—its deep mysticism, its rich traditions, and its unwavering belief in the sanctity of life. Whether used in personal devotion, communal worship, educational endeavors, or as a means to foster holiness, this gift set stands as a testament to the enduring presence of the divine in the world. By inviting the faithful to deepen their engagement with the divine through the veneration of the Holy Guardian Angel, this set not only enriches the spiritual life of individuals but also strengthens the fabric of the Orthodox community as a whole. It is a reminder that in every moment of life, in every trial and every joy, the faithful are never alone—their Guardian Angel watches over them, guiding them on their path towards the eternal embrace of God.
2 reviews for Holy Guardian Angel Icon Set – Consecrated with Candles
J Karamistos
2023-12-06 12:14:11
I bought this as a gift for my god-daughter, she will be baptized at the age of 11 next month. This set with an image of a guardian angel is exactly as I hoped: excellent manufacturing, the designs are perfect, the dimensions are ideal. She is making her first steps into faith, and I hope this will help her a lot. Big thanks for this store for this opportunity
5 out of 5
Tania Min
2021-10-17 16:38:54
Andcross Store is fantastic to work with! This is my third purchase with them – always satisfied with the delivery and the quality of their products. This set will help me greatly as I’m currently trying to deepen my prayer life.
5 out of 5



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