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St. Nicholas Wonderworker Icon & Candle Set – Silver Plated


St. Nicholas Wonderworker Icon Set: Silver Plated
72.00 64.08 (11%)
Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of St. Nicholas Wonderworker, Silver Plated 999 Version, Orthodox akathist, 12 wax candles. B456
St. George Warrior Icon Set with Prayer Book & Candles
54.00 48.06 (11%)
St George Warrior, Orthodox Gift Set, Candles, Orthodox Prayer Book, Icon Silver Plated 999, coloured version handmade, St George Warrior. B454
(3 customer reviews)

Product code: B455.
Icon, size 180×130.
1 box with the 12 wax candles for home praying , with the image of the Orthodox icon of St. Nicholas. On each candle is the prayer – Save and Protect.
The size is 195mm x 8mm.

EAN: 1390000308176
SKU: B455
The Orthodox Gift Set featuring the Icon of St. Nicholas Wonderworker represents a significant fusion of devotion, art, and history, encased within the luminous beauty of a silver-plated .999 version icon. This set, meticulously curated for the faithful and the admirers of religious art, bridges the celestial with the terrestrial, offering a tangible piece of Byzantine sacred imagery for both worship and ornamentation. Through the combined elements of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Icon and the prayer candle sets, this package becomes a profound medium of spiritual communication and a beacon of divine protection in the daily lives of believers. The Icon of St. Nicholas Wonderworker: A Spiritual Legacy in Silver St. Nicholas, known for his miraculous interventions and benevolence, is venerated across Christian traditions but holds a particularly revered place in Orthodox Christianity. The icon featured in this gift set is an original reproduction of Byzantine sacred imagery, utilizing the typical colors of iconography that have conveyed the essence of the divine to the faithful for centuries. Covered in pure silver 999 and employing PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology in accordance with European standards, this icon embodies a commitment to durability and spiritual depth. The use of PVD technology ensures that the icon remains unaltered over time, preserving the sacred images against the wear of temporal conditions. This St. Nicholas icon is handcrafted from MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), chosen for its durability and suitability for intricate artisanship. The icon measures 180mm by 130mm, offering a substantial presence whether placed in a home, office, or church setting. Its finish, available in both gold and silver versions as well as a coloured variant, provides options for personal preference or thematic consistency within religious decor items. Photographs of these icons, taken at the Andcross photo-studio, capture the meticulous detail and radiant beauty of each piece, reflecting the artisanal excellence that characterizes Andcross Artisan Icons. A Gift of Light and Protection: The Prayer Candle Set Accompanying the icon is a box of 12 wax candles, each bearing the image of the Orthodox icon of St. Nicholas, and inscribed with the prayer "Save and Protect." These candles, measuring 195mm in height and 8mm in diameter, are not only tools for prayer but also symbols of the light of Christ, guiding the faithful in darkness and illuminating the path towards salvation. The inclusion of these candles in the gift set enriches the act of prayer, creating a multisensory experience of devotion that engages the visual splendor of the icon with the gentle glow and warmth of candlelight. Consecration and Artistry: The Andcross Tradition Each component of the Orthodox Gift Set is consecrated, drawing upon the spiritual heritage of the Eastern Orthodox Church to infuse these items with grace and sanctity. Crafted in the EU by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this set is a testament to the organization's dedication to producing religious art that resonates with the faithful across the globe. Andcross stands at the intersection of spiritual mission and artisanal craftsmanship, creating sacred image reproductions that serve as both spiritual gift items and Orthodox art collectibles. The Historical Significance of St. Nicholas Icons The veneration of St. Nicholas Wonderworker in iconography dates back centuries, with his images serving as a source of comfort, guidance, and intercession for the faithful. His representation in Orthodox Christian art is rich with symbolic meaning, often depicting the saint in episcopal garb, underscoring his role as a protector and guide to those in need. The St. Nicholas Orthodox Icon in this gift set continues this tradition, offering a modern rendition of these ancient themes through advanced artisanship and technological processes. The Application of Byzantine Sacred Images Today While deeply rooted in history, Byzantine sacred images continue to find relevance in contemporary religious practice. The Icon of St. Nicholas Wonderworker serves not only as a decorative piece but more importantly, as a focal point for prayer and meditation, a reminder of the saint's enduring presence and support in the lives of the devout. Whether used in personal devotion, as part of a home prayer corner, or given as a gift, this icon carries with it the spiritual depth and historical legacy of Orthodox Christianity. Dimensions, Material, and Craftsmanship Detail The centerpiece of this gift set, the St. Nicholas icon, is a handcrafted marvel made from MDF and measures 180x130mm with a depth that ensures its prominence and stability when displayed. The choice of MDF as a base material reflects a balance between tradition and modernity, allowing for detailed workmanship while ensuring the icon's longevity. Covered in silver .999, using PVD technology, the icon stands as a luminous testament to the sanctity of St. Nicholas, preserved against time and environmental wear. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of St. Nicholas Wonderworker encapsulates the essence of Christian devotion through the synergy of sacred art and liturgical practice. It represents a holistic approach to spirituality, where artistry and faith converge to create objects of deep religious significance and beauty. This set, through its combination of a silver-plated icon and prayer candles, offers the faithful a means to engage with their spirituality on a daily basis, inviting the presence of St. Nicholas into their lives and homes, and through him, the protective and guiding grace of the divine.
3 reviews for St. Nicholas Wonderworker Icon & Candle Set – Silver Plated
2024-02-01 15:16:20
I love this set. I am super satisfied with the quality of every item, the small candle holder. As for the icon of beloved Saint Nicholas – it is so beautiful and very well made. Very clear purchase recommendation
5 out of 5
Larissa Zh.
2023-09-20 18:09:51
This is a gorgeous gift set that will make a truly meaningful present for every believer. It looks very elegant and valuable: the icon is packaged in a box and everything was well packed and safely arrived. Thank you very much and God bless your work
5 out of 5
Nikk Ryan
2022-05-11 13:20:12
The package was sent very quickly. The merchandise I ordered here is of very good quality: the candles are church-made, with special prayer on them. My wife was happy with this gift and started to use it for her prayers since the day it arrived. Highly recommend this store for all Orthodox believers!
5 out of 5



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