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Limited Edition Orthodox Psalms Pocket Book


Old Slavonic Psalms: Monastic Brown Cover Edition
90.00 71.10 (21%)
Orthodox Book Of Psalms Old Slavonic Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Hard Brown Cover. B442
Limited Edition Russian Orthodox Pocket Prayer Book
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Orthodox Pocket Prayer Book, Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Limited Edition. B440
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Product code: B441
There are 447 pages.
Sizes are: 4.3″ x 3.0″ and 1.0″ thick.
110mm X 77mm X 24mm

EAN: 1390000307193
SKU: B441
Given the constraints and the need for a detailed exploration of the subject, let's delve deeper into the significance, craftsmanship, and spiritual essence of the Limited Edition Orthodox Book of Psalms, created in the serene and devout environment of an Orthodox monastery by dedicated nuns. This exploration will not only highlight the physical and spiritual attributes of the book but also its role in the practice of Orthodox Christianity, its historical roots, and the profound impact it has on the faithful. The Spiritual Essence of the Psalms The Book of Psalms, a cornerstone of biblical scripture, has served as a vital source of prayer, guidance, and solace for countless generations. Within the Orthodox Christian tradition, the Psalms are not merely read; they are lived, breathed, and integrated into the very rhythm of daily worship and personal devotion. This Orthodox Book of Psalms represents a tangible connection to this ancient tradition, offering the faithful a way to echo the prayers of saints and sinners alike, who have found in these texts a voice for their deepest yearnings and most profound thanksgivings. The Monastic Tradition and Craftsmanship The creation of this Handcrafted Religious Text by nuns in a monastery is a testament to the enduring legacy of monastic life as a beacon of spiritual depth and artistic creation within the Orthodox Church. Monastic communities have long been centers of learning, spiritual discipline, and craftsmanship, preserving the church's teachings and traditions through the centuries. This Limited Edition Psalms Book, therefore, is not just a product of physical crafting but is born out of a lifestyle devoted to prayer and contemplation. Each page, carefully assembled and bound, is imbued with the prayers and blessings of those who made it, making it a Monastic Blessing Psalms volume in the truest sense. The Material and Design The choice of materials and design for this book reflects a deep understanding of its intended use and spiritual significance. Printed on high-quality white paper, the text is clear, inviting contemplation and study. The black leather cover not only provides durability and protection but also adds an aesthetic of reverence and solemnity appropriate for its sacred content. The dimensions (4.3" x 3.0" x 1.0", or 110mm X 77mm X 24mm) ensure that it is Pocket-Sized yet substantial enough to convey the weightiness of its texts. This deliberate design makes it a Spiritual Pocket Book that believers can carry with them as a constant companion in their spiritual journey. The Language of the Psalms Rendered in the Russian language, this edition of the Psalms provides Russian-speaking believers with a direct and intimate encounter with these ancient prayers. Language plays a crucial role in religious experience, shaping the way the faithful connect with the divine. By providing the Psalms in Russian, this book serves as a bridge between the universal truths of the Christian faith and the particular cultural and linguistic context of Russian Orthodoxy. It becomes not only a Russian Language Psalms volume but a testament to the incarnational aspect of Christianity—God's word made accessible to people in their own tongue. The History and Tradition of the Psalms in Orthodoxy The Psalms have occupied a central place in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church since its earliest days. They are recited in daily services, sung in liturgical celebrations, and integrated into the personal prayer life of the faithful. The history of the Psalter as a Monastery Made Psalmody is rich and varied, with monastic scribes and later, nuns, playing a crucial role in its transcription, preservation, and dissemination. This Limited Edition Psalms Book is a modern link in a long chain of sacred texts that have supported the spiritual life of the Orthodox community through the ages. A Guide for the Devout For the devout, this book serves as more than just a collection of sacred songs; it is a guide for prayer, a manual for spiritual warfare, and a source of comfort in times of distress. The Psalms express the full range of human emotions, from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstatic praise. This Spiritual Pocket Book invites the reader to find their own voice within its pages, joining with the Psalmist in crying out to God in hope, faith, and love. The Book as a Collectible As a Limited Edition Psalms Book, it also holds value as a Religious Book Collectible. Collectors and enthusiasts of religious art and history will find in this volume a unique item that represents the confluence of spiritual tradition and monastic craftsmanship. Its rarity and the care with which it was produced make it a desirable item for anyone interested in the material culture of Orthodoxy or the broader Christian tradition. The Role of Psalms in Orthodox Worship and Devotion In Orthodox worship, the Psalms are omnipresent, woven into the fabric of services throughout the liturgical year. They are chanted in the daily cycle of services, from Matins to Compline, and play a pivotal role in the Divine Liturgy. For the individual believer, the Psalms serve as a constant source of inspiration, challenge, and consolation. They are used in personal prayer, in preparation for receiving the Eucharist, and as a means of reflection during the major seasons of the Church year, such as Lent and Advent. This exploration into the Limited Edition Orthodox Book of Psalms has sought to illuminate not only the physical and aesthetic qualities of the book but also its deep spiritual significance within the Orthodox Christian tradition. Crafted with devotion, bound in tradition, and infused with prayer, this book stands as a testament to the enduring power of the Psalms to speak to the human heart. It invites the faithful into a deeper relationship with God, through the words of the Psalmist, echoed in the prayers of countless generations. As a bridge between the divine and the human, the eternal and the temporal, this Psalms book is a precious companion on the journey of faith, a source of strength in times of trial, and a wellspring of joy in moments of gratitude.
3 reviews for Limited Edition Orthodox Psalms Pocket Book
2023-12-17 13:31:25
The order came in a well presented package, there was no problems so overall it was good. I didn’t start reading the book yet but I liked how well it is made. It is a pleasure to hold such a precious things in hands. Big thumbs up 👍 for the Andcross team for everything
5 out of 5
2023-09-23 20:34:07
Hello ! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of this lovely Book Of Psalms. It is top quality and surpassed my expectations ! Truly inspiring to have and read these wise words, thank you and may you be blessed always !
5 out of 5
Ksenia Keller (Riga, Latvia)
2023-05-19 18:13:16
One of my most favorite stores for Orthodox Christians to shop at…lots of interesting things and great descriptions, always match my expectations. I will continue to buy here more goods for me and my family. 😊
5 out of 5



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