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Handcrafted Orthodox Prayer & Canons Book in Leather


Consecrated Russian Orthodox Gospel by Nuns
124.00 97.96 (21%)
The Holy Gospel, Christian Book Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Handmade, Orthodox Book, Blessed (For Sale 1 Book). B426
Limited Edition Orthodox Prayer Book by Monks, Blue Cover
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Orthodox Pocket Prayer Book Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Hard Cover in Green Color. B424
(4 customer reviews)

Product code: B425
There are 318 pages.
Sizes are : 4.4″ x 3.0″ and 0.7″ thick .
112mm X 78mm X 19mm

EAN: 1390000305731
SKU: B425
In the sacred realm of Orthodox Christianity, where tradition and devotion intertwine, lies a treasure not easily found—a Limited Edition Prayer Canons Book, published in 2007. This remarkable tome, bound in exquisite black leather, is more than just a religious text; it is a testament to the enduring spirituality and craftsmanship of Orthodox monastic life. Crafted with devotion by the nuns of an Orthodox monastery, this handmade religious book serves as a conduit to the divine, offering believers a profound tool for prayer and reflection. The Craftsmanship Behind the Book This Orthodox Prayer Book Leather edition is not merely a product of printing but a labor of love and spiritual dedication. The black leather cover encases the sacred words within, offering a tactile sense of reverence and durability. Its creation, a meticulous process carried out by the skilled hands of Orthodox nuns, embodies a tradition of monastic craftsmanship that dates back centuries. Each page, printed on pristine white paper, speaks of a commitment to preserving the spiritual heritage of Orthodox Christianity. A Guide for the Devout: Prayer and Canons Within its 318 pages, this book unfolds a spiritual journey, guiding the devout through prayers and canons integral to Orthodox Christian worship. The selection of prayers and canons is thoughtful and comprehensive, making this book an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to deepen their engagement with Orthodox practices. The Russian Language Prayer Book aspect ensures that the essence of these prayers and canons remains authentic to their origins, offering a connection to the linguistic and cultural roots of the faith. Unique Attributes of This Sacred Text This Monastery Made Devotional measures 4.4 inches by 3.0 inches and is 0.7 inches thick (112mm X 78mm X 19mm), making it both portable and substantial. The choice of black leather for the cover not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures its resilience, allowing it to be a lasting companion for its owner. Brand new and unused, this book is ready to be cherished by someone who appreciates the beauty of a Spiritual Leatherbound Text and the depth of Orthodox Christianity Essentials. The Rarity and Value of the Book As a Limited Edition Prayer Canons book, its availability is scarce, elevating its value not only as a devotional tool but also as a collector's item. Religious Book Collectibles such as this are sought after for their spiritual, historical, and aesthetic significance. Published in 2007, this book represents a snapshot in time, encapsulating the monastic traditions and religious fervor of that period. The Global Reach of a Sacred Offering Understanding the universal appeal of such a sacred text, this book is available for International Shipping Devotional, ensuring that believers around the world have access to its divine guidance. The commitment to making this treasure available globally speaks to the monastery's mission of spreading the Orthodox faith and supporting the spiritual journey of believers everywhere. A Testament to Orthodox Nuns' Craftsmanship The creation of this book by the nuns of an Orthodox monastery highlights the significant role that women play in the spiritual and cultural preservation of Orthodox Christianity. Their dedication to the craft of bookmaking, a Handmade Religious Book such as this, underscores the monastic community's commitment to living out their faith through acts of creation and service. A Spiritual Heirloom for the Devout This Orthodox Prayer Book Leather edition is not just a book; it's a spiritual heirloom, crafted with love and prayer, meant to be passed down through generations. It stands as a beacon of faith, a tool for prayer, and a work of art, all encapsulated within its leather-bound cover. For those who seek a deeper connection to their faith, to partake in the timeless tradition of Orthodox prayers and canons, and to own a piece of religious history, this book is an unparalleled treasure. As we delve into the detailed exploration of its history, application, and significance, it becomes clear that this prayer book is not merely a collection of texts but a living bridge to the divine. It invites believers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Orthodox spirituality, offering solace, guidance, and a path to deeper understanding. Stay tuned as we continue to uncover the layers of meaning and devotion encapsulated within this remarkable spiritual guide. This introduction serves as the first step into a comprehensive examination of the Orthodox Pocket Prayer Book and Canons, a limited edition gem that enriches the spiritual lives of those fortunate enough to encounter it. Through its pages, history, and craftsmanship, we gain insight into the profound depths of Orthodox Christian devotion and the timeless beauty of its expression.
4 reviews for Handcrafted Orthodox Prayer & Canons Book in Leather
2024-02-22 11:03:05
My second order here, this time - a beautiful book. First order worked out perfectly so I ordered more, and again, was left speechless by the service and products. I’ve always wanted to have religious literature made by believers. THANKS
5 out of 5
2023-11-12 17:34:46
Top quality product! Excellent material, I am impressed with everything from fonts to the quality of pages. Can be offered as a gift or become a part of family library. I ordered two items at once and both are amazing. Many thanks
5 out of 5
Regīna Wolfe
2023-08-27 20:13:19
beautiful book, well made, feels so very special when I hold this in my hands and think about the nuns who were making it for me. excellently packed and quick international delivery. warmest greeting from Vienna, Austria
5 out of 5
2023-07-12 18:12:21
Thank you for the opportunity to have this book in my collection. It has everything I need, including morning and before-bed prayer. It will be used, cherished, and passed down to my grandkids one day.
5 out of 5



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