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Orthodox Prayer Book: Gospel, Psalms, & Communion


John’s Revelation: Limited Russian Orthodox Book
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John the Apostle Book of Revelation, Russian Language, Orthodox Book, Made in Monastery By Monks, Blessed (For Sale only 1 Green Book). B439
Handcrafted Orthodox Psalter | Nuns’ Monastery Creation
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Orthodox Book of Psalms Made In Monastery By Nuns, The Pocket Size Psalter in Russian, Handmade, natural leather, paper box, Blessed. B437
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Product code: B438
1020 pages.
Sizes are: 5.5″ x 3.8″ and 1.90″ thick,
140mm X 93mm X 50mm

EAN: 1390000306967
SKU: B438
In the realm of spiritual devotion and liturgical practice, the Orthodox Christian tradition stands as a beacon of profound religious heritage, encapsulating centuries of faith, prayer, and worship. At the heart of this venerable tradition lies the sacred text, a compilation of liturgical and devotional materials that serve as the cornerstone for personal and communal worship. Among such texts, a particularly exquisite edition has emerged, distinguished not only by its comprehensive content but also by the craftsmanship and devotion poured into its creation. This edition, the Orthodox Prayer Book: Gospel, Psalms, & Communion, is a testament to the enduring spiritual legacy of the Orthodox Church, presented in the Russian language and bound in red natural leather. A Symphony of Devotion: Content and Purpose Spanning 1020 pages, this limited edition Orthodox text is a symphony of spiritual resources, meticulously compiled to guide the faithful through the rhythms of daily prayer, liturgical celebration, and personal reflection. It encompasses the Holy Gospel, the Book of Psalm and Canons, Akathist Hymns Compilation, Morning & Evening Prayers Guide, and the Rule for Holy Communion. Each component of this compilation has been selected with the utmost care to provide a comprehensive tool for spiritual growth and devotion. The inclusion of the Holy Gospel at the core of this book underscores the centrality of Christ's life and teachings to Orthodox Christian faith. The Book of Psalms and Canons offers a poetic and contemplative path to communion with God, while the Akathist Hymns Compilation elevates the soul through its lyrical adoration of the Divine. The Morning & Evening Prayers Guide structures the day with moments of reflection, repentance, and hope, and the Rule for Holy Communion prepares the believer for participation in the Eucharist, the sacrament of unity with Christ and the Church. Craftsmanship and Material: A Testament to Tradition The physical attributes of this prayer book are a testament to the tradition of monastic craftsmanship and the reverence with which such texts are regarded within the Orthodox community. Bound in red natural leather, the book's cover is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, signifying the blood of Christ and the passion of the martyrs. The white paper used for its 1020 pages ensures clarity and resilience, making this edition not only a spiritual guide but also a work of art meant to endure through generations. Dimensions and material details of the book are meticulously crafted to honor the sacredness of its content and the devotion of its readers. Measuring 5.5 inches by 3.8 inches and 1.90 inches thick (140mm x 93mm x 50mm), its size is both substantial and manageable, designed for both the intimacy of personal prayer and the grandeur of liturgical participation. A Bridge Across Time: The History and Application of the Text The creation of this Orthodox Prayer Book in the Russian language represents a bridge across time, connecting the contemporary faithful with the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian history. Its compilation reflects centuries of theological reflection, spiritual practice, and artistic expression, rooted in the early Christian tradition and expanded through the experiences of countless saints, theologians, and believers across the ages. The application of this text in the life of the Orthodox faithful is manifold. It serves as a daily companion for personal prayer, a guide for familial worship, and a resource for understanding the liturgical life of the Church. Through its pages, believers are invited to immerse themselves in the divine words that have shaped the Orthodox Christian path to salvation, engaging with the teachings of Christ, the psalms of David, and the prayers of the Church in a continuous act of faith, hope, and love. Global Reach and Spiritual Mission Recognizing the universal call to worship and the diverse linguistic needs of the Orthodox faithful, this prayer book's shipping from Europe to destinations worldwide signifies a mission of spiritual outreach. By making this text available globally, its creators aim to spread the light of Orthodox Christianity, offering a tangible expression of the Church's teachings and traditions to those seeking to deepen their understanding of the faith or to find solace in its prayers. An Invitation to Spiritual Enrichment The Orthodox Prayer Book: Gospel, Psalms, & Communion emerges as more than just a religious text; it is an invitation to spiritual enrichment, a call to deepen one's relationship with the Divine through the practice of prayer and the contemplation of sacred teachings. In its pages, the faithful find a wellspring of spiritual nourishment, guidance for the journey of faith, and a connection to the timeless tradition of Orthodox worship. As this prayer book finds its place in the homes and hearts of believers around the world, it continues the legacy of the Orthodox Church, serving as a beacon of faith, hope, and love. It stands as a reminder of the power of prayer, the importance of tradition, and the enduring presence of God in the lives of those who seek Him. Through its use, the faithful are invited to partake in the divine mystery that lies at the heart of Orthodox Christianity, joining a community of believers united in worship and the pursuit of holiness.
3 reviews for Orthodox Prayer Book: Gospel, Psalms, & Communion
Bogdan Sirota
2024-02-02 16:39:53
Amazing Orthodox shop ! Never disappoints ! I can always find what I need as well as things I couldn’t get easily anywhere else . Thank you very much for everything ! The products are excellent and packaged incredibly safe for long journey to Bulgaria .
5 out of 5
Jake McKey
2023-11-24 18:41:51
Came quickly and well packaged. The book looks even better than the picture. The quality and feel of the material is fantastic. Very good printing inside and there is useful information inside. Well recommended.
5 out of 5
Asya L
2023-10-27 14:42:44
Great product, massive thanks for this book and your service. Took about a month to arrive in Australia where I live now (which is okay since it was shipped from Europe). It feels so good to have a part of culture in my new home, hope it’s going to guide me on my spiritual journey!
5 out of 5



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