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Our Lady of Calvary 7×5 Silver Icon – Handcrafted Elegance


Theotokos of the Passion Silver Icon 18x13cm
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Silver-Plated Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa 7×5
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Product Code: B256.
The sizes are about : ( 7.0″ X 5.2″ ) 18cm X 13cm

EAN: 1390000293236
SKU: B256
In the sacred realm of religious art, the Our Lady of Calvary Icon stands as a beacon of spiritual depth and artistic mastery. This handcrafted Catholic art, a treasured piece for both collectors and the devout, represents a harmonious blend of divine inspiration with human ingenuity. The icon, adorned with pure silver 999 and utilizing advanced PVD Technology Silver Icons, is not just a visual treat but a durable piece of devotion, crafted to withstand the test of time. Historical and Spiritual Significance The Our Lady of Calvary Icon captures the poignant moment of the Virgin Mary's sorrow beneath the Cross, symbolizing her steadfast faith and compassion. Rooted in the Byzantine Art Tradition, this icon is a vibrant testament to the ability of sacred art to convey deep spiritual truths. Its lineage traces back to the early Christian era, where icons served as a visual form of theology, educating the faithful about the profound mysteries of their faith. Craftsmanship and Artistry The meticulous creation process of the Our Lady of Calvary Icon showcases the artisans' dedication. Constructed from MDF Wood Sacred Images, chosen for its durability and finesse, the icon is a testament to devotion. The silver plating, achieved through PVD technology, not only beautifies the icon but also ensures its longevity, adhering to the highest European standards. Dimensions, Material, and Weight This exquisite icon, measuring approximately 7.0 x 5.2 inches (18cm x 13cm), perfectly balances size and visibility, making it ideal for personal devotion or as a revered decoration in a sacred space. The selection of brown MDF wood for the base adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty, while the pure silver 999 overlay, applied with PVD technology, guarantees a lasting spiritual and aesthetic appeal. The Andcross Artwork: Tradition Meets Innovation Crafted with precision by the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this icon is a symbol of the seamless fusion between traditional iconography and contemporary craftsmanship. The Andcross Artisan Icons label assures a product of unparalleled quality, meticulously crafted to honor the iconographic tradition deeply. Beyond Aesthetic Beauty: Application and Veneration The Our Lady of Calvary Icon transcends mere artistic beauty to become a central focus for prayer and meditation. It invites the faithful to delve into the mysteries of faith, creating a sacred atmosphere in any home or church. This icon, through its spiritual depth and beauty, acts as a conduit between the divine and the earthly realms, offering solace and inspiration to all who reflect upon it. A Legacy of Faith and Artistry This icon, a remarkable example of religious art, blends historical significance with exceptional craftsmanship and spiritual function. Its creation, rooted in the rich Byzantine tradition yet embracing modern techniques, signifies a commitment to preserving the sacred art of iconography for contemporary believers. The Deep-Rooted History of Our Lady of Calvary The tradition of depicting Our Lady of Calvary has evolved over centuries, each rendition drawing from the deep well of Christian spirituality and artistic innovation. This icon's portrayal is inspired by the Byzantine art form, known for conveying complex theological concepts through symbolic elements and rich colors, inviting contemplation and reverence. The Role of Icons in Religious Practice Icons like Our Lady of Calvary play a crucial role in religious practice, serving as windows to the divine and aids in prayer and meditation. They are venerated as sacred objects filled with the Holy Spirit, used in liturgical services, personal prayer, and as educational tools in the faith. Craftsmanship Techniques: Tradition and Innovation The craftsmanship of the Our Lady of Calvary Icon reflects a meticulous attention to detail, blending tradition with innovation. The use of MDF wood and PVD technology silver plating not only enhances the icon's beauty but ensures its durability, making it a spiritual heirloom. Ensuring Quality and Authenticity: The Andcross Artwork The production of the Our Lady of Calvary Icon by Andcross represents a commitment to quality and authenticity, crafted according to strict standards to meet both aesthetic and spiritual needs, ensuring a meaningful, beautiful, and ethically produced icon. Global Shipping: Sacred Art for the World The availability of global shipping makes the Our Lady of Calvary Icon accessible to devotees and art collectors worldwide, emphasizing the universal appeal of the icon and its message of faith, hope, and divine love. This icon is more than a piece of religious art; it is a testament to the enduring power of faith, the richness of Christian tradition, and the craftsmanship of its creators. Through its veneration, believers are invited to deepen their understanding of faith's mysteries and experience a closer connection to the divine. As this sacred image continues to inspire and comfort those who encounter it, its legacy as a cherished symbol of devotion and artistry is assured, making it a true Sacred Christian Gift. The Universal Language of Sacred Art The Our Lady of Calvary Icon speaks the universal language of sacred art, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to touch the hearts of believers worldwide. This icon, through its depiction of the Virgin Mary's sorrow and compassion, communicates the universal themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption inherent in the Christian faith. The Spiritual Devotion Artifacts like this icon serve not only as objects of veneration but also as mediums through which the faithful can connect with the divine on a deeply personal level. The Impact of Byzantine Influence The Byzantine Art Tradition has left an indelible mark on Christian iconography, with its emphasis on symbolism, color, and spiritual depth. The Our Lady of Calvary Icon, inspired by this rich artistic heritage, carries forward the Byzantine legacy of conveying theological truths through art. The stylized portrayal and symbolic use of color in this icon are not merely aesthetic choices but are imbued with deep spiritual meanings, inviting viewers to a contemplative engagement with the sacred. The Role of Icons in Fostering Spiritual Growth Icons are more than mere representations; they are considered windows to the divine, facilitating a deeper spiritual connection for the faithful. The Our Lady of Calvary Icon plays a pivotal role in fostering spiritual growth, serving as a tangible focus for prayer and meditation. Through the veneration of this icon, believers are encouraged to reflect on the profound mysteries of their faith, drawing closer to the divine mystery at the heart of Christian spirituality. The Artistry Behind Sacred Icons The creation of the Our Lady of Calvary Icon highlights the exceptional artistry involved in producing Handcrafted Catholic Art. The meticulous process, from the selection of MDF Wood Sacred Images as the base to the application of Pure Silver 999 Religious Decor using PVD Technology Silver Icons, showcases the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern technological advancements. This blend ensures that each icon is not only a work of art but also a durable object of devotion. Andcross: A Synonym for Quality in Religious Art The Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross has established itself as a synonym for quality in the realm of European Crafted Religious Icons. Each Andcross Artisan Icon is a testament to the corporation's commitment to upholding the highest standards of iconographic art, combining traditional techniques with contemporary innovations to create pieces of profound beauty and spiritual significance. The Sacred Gift of Religious Icons In a world seeking meaning and connection, Sacred Christian Gifts like the Our Lady of Calvary Icon offer a beacon of hope and faith. These gifts are not merely objects but are imbued with spiritual value, serving as reminders of the divine presence in our lives. Whether given to commemorate a special occasion or to encourage spiritual reflection, such gifts carry with them a message of love, faith, and hope. A Legacy of Devotion and Beauty The Our Lady of Calvary Icon stands as a legacy of devotion and beauty, embodying the intersection of faith, art, and tradition. Its creation, inspired by the Byzantine Art Tradition and realized through the skilled hands of Andcross artisans, represents a commitment to preserving the sacred art of iconography. This icon, through its historical significance, artistic craftsmanship, and spiritual function, continues to inspire and comfort the faithful, serving as a lasting symbol of the enduring power of faith and the transformative beauty of religious art. As it finds its place in homes and churches around the world, the Our Lady of Calvary Icon remains a cherished testament to the depth of Christian tradition and the universal appeal of sacred art, inviting all who encounter it to reflect, pray, and draw closer to the divine.
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