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Vladimir Mother of God Icon: Silver 999, 6x4cm


Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator Icon: 6x4cm Silver 999
59.00 40.71 (31%)
Small Russian Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B145
Silver Plated Panagia Amolyntos Icon 6x4cm
59.00 40.71 (31%)
Small Russian Orthodox Icon Holy Virgin Mary Panagia Amolyntos. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B141
(2 customer reviews)

Product Code: B146
The sizes are about : W – 1.60″ , L -2.35″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000269903
SKU: B146
The Vladimir Mother of God Icon stands as a pinnacle of Russian Orthodox Art, encapsulating the profound spirituality and artistic heritage of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Revered as a Miraculous Icon of Virgin Mary, this sacred image is not merely an art piece but a vessel of deep spiritual significance, embodying centuries of faith, devotion, and miraculous tales. The icon's journey from a revered artifact to a Christian Religious Gift and Spiritual Decor Piece reflects its enduring relevance and the universal appeal of Holy Virgin Iconography. Crafted with exceptional skill, this icon is a product of European Crafted Religious Art, made in the European Union by the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross. It is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and dedication to preserving the sacred artistry of Orthodox icons. The use of a special metal PVD alloy, coated with pure silver 999 plating, ensures that the icon's serigraphy — a high-definition print of the Virgin Mary — remains vivid and unchanged over time, making it a valuable Religious Art Collectible. The dimensions of the icon are meticulously designed to make it a versatile piece for any setting. Measuring approximately 1.60 inches in width and 2.35 inches in length (40mm x 60mm), it fits perfectly in personal prayer corners, as part of Orthodox Church Decor, or as a cherished Orthodox Christian Gift Idea. Despite its compact size, the icon’s presence is profound, embodying the grace and compassion of the Mother of God. The Vladimir Mother of God Icon is not just an object of veneration; it is imbued with a rich history that dates back centuries. It is believed to be one of the Orthodox Christianity's most revered images of the Virgin Mary, attributed with numerous miracles and playing a significant role in the spiritual life of countless believers. This icon, with its serene and compassionate depiction of the Virgin Mary, has been a source of comfort, inspiration, and intercession for the faithful, making it a truly Miraculous Icon of Virgin Mary. As a Silver Plated Orthodox Icon, it represents a unique blend of divine inspiration and human craftsmanship. The silver plating not only enhances the icon’s aesthetic appeal but also signifies purity and the sacred aura surrounding the Virgin Mary. This careful blend of artistry and spirituality makes the icon a sought-after item for those looking to deepen their faith or to gift something of profound significance to loved ones. Moreover, the icon serves multiple purposes: as a focal point for prayer and meditation, a protector of homes, and a reminder of the Virgin Mary's omnipresent compassion and intercession. Its role extends beyond mere decoration, serving as a Spiritual Decor Piece that enriches one’s living space with peace and spiritual presence. In the realm of Serigraphy Virgin Mary Icon, this piece stands out for its clarity, detail, and durability. Serigraphy, a printing technique that allows for vivid, precise reproductions of original artworks, is particularly suited to the intricate details and rich colors characteristic of Orthodox icons. This ensures that each icon not only faithfully represents the original image but also retains its beauty and spiritual resonance over time. The Vladimir Mother of God Icon is more than a religious artifact; it is a bridge between the divine and the earthly, offering believers a tangible connection to the sacred. It embodies the essence of Orthodox Christian Gift Idea, perfect for commemorating significant spiritual milestones such as baptisms, weddings, or simply as a gesture of faith and protection. For collectors and connoisseurs of Religious Art Collectible, the icon represents a pinnacle of Holy Virgin Iconography, merging historical depth with artistic excellence. Its Silver 999 Religious Icon status underscores its value not only as a spiritual emblem but also as a piece of art that holds significance in both religious and aesthetic realms. In conclusion, the Vladimir Mother of God Icon is a profound symbol of faith, art, and history. Its creation, rooted in the rich tradition of Russian Orthodox Art and executed with contemporary craftsmanship, bridges the past and present, offering a timeless piece for worship, reflection, and admiration. Whether as a Christian Religious Gift, an addition to one’s collection of Spiritual Decor Piece, or a personal item for meditation and prayer, this icon stands as a testament to the enduring power and beauty of Orthodox Christianity. It invites us to delve deeper into the rich spiritual heritage of the faith, celebrating the miraculous through the art of iconography.
2 reviews for Vladimir Mother of God Icon: Silver 999, 6x4cm
2024-03-13 20:13:25
Everything perfect, beautiful icon just like the pictures. The sacred image of the Mother of God became a nice addition to my home and a keepsake for my soul. Many blessings for the service: fast shipping and always pleasant communication with Andcross Orthodox Workshop-Store. Been ordering my icons here for 2 years already
5 out of 5
Amelia R.
2023-07-21 18:30:01
Good quality and ideal dimensions for my prayer corner. Incredible work of art and practical size. This is a new level of iconography and invites to meditate and pray. I am very satisfied with my purchase. 5 stars from a happy customer!
5 out of 5



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