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Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon Gift Set – Mother of God Vladimir


Christ Pantocrator Silver Icon Prayer Set
54.00 48.06 (11%)
Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of Mother Of God Vladimir, Silver Plated 999, Version silver, coloured, Icon Of Mother Of God Vladimir. B446
Guardian Angel Day Blessing Set: Icon & Prayer Book
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Happy Guardian Angel Day The gift set, icon postcard, prayer book 61 page, postcard. calendar, Made In Monastery By Nuns, Blessed. B491
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Product code: B445.
Icon, size 180×130.
1 box with the 12 wax candles for home praying. On each candle is the prayer – Save and Protect.
The size is 195mm x 8mm.

EAN: 1390000307513
SKU: B445
The Orthodox Icon Gift Set, centered around the Mother of God Vladimir, encapsulates more than just a religious artifact; it represents a profound spiritual journey through history, art, and faith. This icon, revered across generations, serves as a bridge connecting the faithful to the divine, embodying the essence of Orthodox Christianity's rich heritage and its enduring devotion. Historical Significance The Mother of God Vladimir icon holds a pivotal place in the tapestry of Orthodox Christian history. Believed to have been painted by the Evangelist Luke, it was brought to Russia in the 12th century, becoming a symbol of protection and divine grace for the Russian people. The icon's journey through time, surviving invasions and revolutions, mirrors the resilience and enduring faith of the Orthodox Christian community. Its presence in this gift set not only offers a piece of religious history but also invites the owner to become part of a centuries-old tradition of veneration and devotion. Spiritual Significance In Orthodox Christianity, icons are not mere representations; they are considered windows to the divine, facilitating a direct communion with the sacred. The Mother of God Vladimir, with its depiction of the Virgin Mary tenderly holding the Christ Child, invites contemplation and prayer, serving as a focal point for personal and communal worship. This icon is especially associated with the protection of the faithful, offering comfort and solace in times of trouble. Owning this icon set allows individuals to integrate this profound spiritual practice into their daily lives, enriching their faith journey. Artistic and Cultural Value The Orthodox Icon Gift Set is a masterpiece of religious art, showcasing the intricate beauty of Byzantine iconography. The use of silver plating, combined with PVD technology, adheres to the highest standards, ensuring that the icon remains a timeless treasure. The craftsmanship reflects a deep respect for traditional iconographic techniques while embracing modern technology to preserve these sacred images for future generations. The icon is meticulously crafted from MDF, chosen for its durability, and is hand-finished in a rich brown color, with options for both gold and silver versions. This careful attention to detail ensures that each icon is not only a spiritual artifact but also a work of art that can be admired for its beauty. The Set Components Beyond the icon itself, the gift set includes 12 wax candles, each inscribed with the prayer Save and Protect. These candles are not merely decorative; they are an integral part of the Orthodox prayer tradition, used to illuminate the space around the icon, creating a serene atmosphere conducive to prayer and meditation. The act of lighting a candle before the icon, accompanied by prayer, is a powerful symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the light of Christ that dispels darkness. Production and Craftsmanship Produced in the European Union by special order for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this gift set exemplifies the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The Andcross Orthodox Icons are renowned for their quality and authenticity, making this set a valuable addition to any collection of religious artifacts. The meticulous attention to detail and adherence to traditional iconographic standards make this set a meaningful gift for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or to bring a piece of Orthodox tradition into their home. The Role of the Icon in Modern Spirituality In today's fast-paced and often secular world, the Orthodox Icon Gift Set serves as a tangible connection to the divine, offering a moment of peace and reflection. It is a reminder of the enduring presence of faith in daily life, providing a source of strength and inspiration. For those of the Orthodox faith, it is a vital part of their spiritual practice; for others, it is an introduction to the rich traditions of Orthodox Christianity and a call to explore its depths further. The Orthodox Icon Gift Set, with the Mother of God Vladimir at its heart, is more than just a religious item; it is a portal to the divine, a piece of history, and a work of art. Its creation, using both traditional and modern techniques, reflects a deep respect for the past and a hopeful gaze towards the future of religious devotion. Whether as a part of one's spiritual practice, a decorative piece in the home, or a gift for a loved one, this set is a meaningful and profound choice that connects the believer to the vast tapestry of Orthodox Christian tradition. As we continue our exploration of the Orthodox Icon Gift Set featuring the Mother of God Vladimir, we delve deeper into its role in personal and communal worship, its impact on art and culture, and its significance as a beacon of faith in the modern world. This journey through history, spirituality, and artistry reveals the multifaceted importance of this sacred object. Personal and Communal Worship The Orthodox Icon Gift Set is not only a personal treasure but also a focal point for communal worship. In Orthodox tradition, icons are venerated in both the home and the church, serving as a central part of liturgical life. The Mother of God Vladimir icon, in particular, is associated with intercession and protection, making it a powerful aid in prayer for individuals and communities alike. The act of lighting candles and offering prayers before the icon creates a sacred space, where the faithful can gather to seek guidance, comfort, and a deeper connection with the divine. This practice of icon veneration underscores the communal aspect of Orthodox spirituality, where the faithful are united in their devotion and their quest for spiritual growth. The icon serves as a reminder of the shared heritage and the collective journey of the Orthodox community, bridging the gap between the individual and the communal, the earthly and the divine. Impact on Art and Culture The Orthodox Icon Gift Set, with its exquisite craftsmanship and adherence to traditional iconographic standards, is a testament to the enduring influence of Orthodox art and culture. Byzantine iconography, characterized by its symbolic depth and aesthetic beauty, has left a lasting imprint on the world of religious art. The Mother of God Vladimir icon, reproduced in this gift set, exemplifies the pinnacle of this artistic tradition, with its harmonious composition, rich symbolism, and profound emotional resonance. This icon, and others like it, have not only shaped the visual language of Orthodox Christianity but have also influenced Western art, inspiring artists across centuries to explore themes of divinity, sanctity, and the human connection with the divine. The continued production and veneration of icons like the Mother of God Vladimir serve as a living link to this rich artistic and cultural heritage, preserving it for future generations. A Beacon of Faith in the Modern World In a world where secularism and materialism often dominate, the Orthodox Icon Gift Set stands as a beacon of faith and spiritual resilience. It represents a counterpoint to the prevailing trends of the age, offering a pathway to transcendence and a reminder of the enduring power of faith. For many, the icon is a source of hope and strength, providing solace in times of crisis and guiding the faithful towards a deeper understanding of their spiritual heritage. The relevance of the Mother of God Vladimir icon in today's world extends beyond the confines of the Orthodox community. It speaks to a universal longing for connection with the divine, for beauty that transcends the mundane, and for a sense of belonging to a tradition that offers meaning and purpose. The gift set, therefore, is not merely a religious artifact but a cultural and spiritual touchstone, inviting all who encounter it to reflect on the deeper questions of existence and to find solace in the sacred. The Orthodox Icon Gift Set, centered around the Mother of God Vladimir, is a profound expression of faith, art, and tradition. It embodies the essence of Orthodox Christianity, bridging the past and the present, the divine and the human. Through its role in worship, its impact on art and culture, and its significance as a beacon of faith, the icon set invites believers and non-believers alike to explore the depths of spirituality and to discover the rich heritage of Orthodox Christianity. As we conclude this exploration, it becomes clear that the Orthodox Icon Gift Set is more than just an object of veneration; it is a symbol of hope, a work of art, and a testament to the enduring power of faith in the modern world. It offers a window into the soul of Orthodox Christianity, inviting all who gaze upon it to embark on a journey of discovery, reflection, and spiritual awakening.
4 reviews for Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon Gift Set – Mother of God Vladimir
2023-11-16 19:36:04
Another purchase I made on this site and happy! It’s hard to find good beeswax wicks. These are perfect! Also despite the heat, they arrived without melting, perfectly and neatly packaged. I am very thankful for from the bottom of my heart for them! God bless you!!
5 out of 5
2023-10-28 21:24:21
the package arrived in a timely manner and contained everything that was described. the set is absolute must have for all believers and totally meets my expectations. based on the description in the photographs, I expected best quality and got what I paid for. big thanks
5 out of 5
Roman Toriok
2023-06-27 17:19:59
Very beautiful piece of art: this image fills my heart with peace and hope. I am VERY happy to finally have this icon and cannot wait to use this in my prayer life. Arrived very fast to Romania. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
5 out of 5
Julia H
2022-05-16 19:44:13
I love the details on this icon, very well handcrafted. The whole set is a gem for believers who want to pray at home: it includes everything I needed. Very cute candle holder. Overall, I am very pleased with my order
5 out of 5



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