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St. Spyridon Silver Icon Set – Handmade Devotional


Holy Guardian Angel Icon Set – Consecrated with Candles
63.00 56.07 (11%)
The Icon Of Holy Guardian Angel From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, Orthodox Gift Set, handmade, 12 wax candles, consecrated. B459
St. Spyridon Icon Gift Set – Silver Plated & Coloured
72.00 64.08 (11%)
The Icon Of Saint Spyridon Bishop of Trimythous, Orthodox Gift Set With Silver Plated 999 icon, Version coloured, handmade, Saint Spyridon. B457
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Product code: B458.
Icon, size 180×130.
1 box with the 12 wax candles for home praying. On each candle is the prayer – Save and Protect.
The size is 195mm x 8mm.

EAN: 1390000308459
SKU: B458
Embarking on the exploration of the Orthodox Gift Set featuring the Icon of Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, unveils a narrative deeply rooted in the rich heritage and profound spirituality of the Orthodox Christian faith. This meticulously assembled set, highlighted by the .999 Silver Plated Icon, serves not only as a vessel of devotion but also as a bridge connecting the faithful to the venerable tradition of the Orthodox Church. Through its sacred components, the set offers a pathway for believers to deepen their communion with the divine, paying homage to one of Christianity's most revered saints, Saint Spyridon of Trimythous. Historical and Spiritual Significance Saint Spyridon, a revered figure in Orthodox Christianity, is celebrated for his profound faith, miraculous interventions, and unwavering commitment to the teachings of Christ. Living during the 4th century, his legacy is marked by numerous accounts of miracles and acts of compassion, embodying the power of faith to transcend the ordinary. As the Bishop of Trimythous, Spyridon participated in the First Council of Nicaea, where he played a pivotal role in defending the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, earning him a lasting place in the annals of Christian history. The icon at the heart of this gift set captures the essence of Saint Spyridon’s sanctity, portraying him not just as a historical figure but as a perpetual intercessor for the faithful. Employing the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology to apply a .999 pure silver coating ensures the icon's durability and luster, making it a sacred object of veneration that withstands the passage of time. Blessed within the sacred confines of the Orthodox Church, this icon carries the spiritual potency and grace of Saint Spyridon, inviting believers to seek his guidance and protection. Product Details The Saint Spyridon icon, with dimensions of 180mm x 130mm, is crafted by hand from MDF, employing traditional iconographic techniques and colors to depict the saint in a manner that is both historically accurate and spiritually resonant. The use of PVD technology to apply the silver plating adheres to European standards, ensuring that this sacred image remains unalterable and preserved for future generations. Accompanying the icon is a set of 12 wax candles, each bearing the prayer Save and Protect and designed for use in home prayer. Measuring 195mm x 8mm, these candles serve as a medium through which the faithful can extend their prayers and devotions, illuminated by the light symbolizing Christ's presence. This gift set, encased in a specially designed gift box and made in the EU for the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, represents a harmonious blend of tradition and craftsmanship, offering a tangible expression of faith that enriches the spiritual life of its recipients. Applications and Devotional Practices The Saint Spyridon Icon Gift Set transcends its physical beauty to become a cornerstone of personal and family devotion. Its presence in the home creates a sacred space where believers can engage in prayer, meditation, and the veneration of Saint Spyridon, seeking his intercession in their lives. The act of lighting the Save and Protect candles in front of the icon becomes a ritual of faith, embodying the prayers and hopes of the faithful. Incorporating this set into daily spiritual routines and significant religious observances not only honors the memory of Saint Spyridon but also reinforces the virtues he exemplified—humility, charity, and a deep trust in God's will. Through engagement with the Akathist and other prayers dedicated to Saint Spyridon, believers find a language of devotion that connects them with the broader tradition of Orthodox worship and the personal pursuit of holiness. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous, stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, the artistry of Orthodox iconography, and the bonds of Christian devotion. Through its sacred artistry, historical depth, and spiritual utility, the set serves not only as an object of veneration but also as a tool for spiritual growth and reflection. It invites believers into the living tradition of the Orthodox Church, fostering a deeper engagement with the faith and the legacy of one of Christianity’s most cherished saints. Cultural and Spiritual Amplification Through the St. Spyridon Icon Set Preservation of Orthodox Tradition The St. Spyridon Icon Gift Set serves as a tangible link to the enduring traditions of Orthodox Christianity. By incorporating .999 silver plating through PVD technology on traditional iconography, the set bridges ancient practices with contemporary craftsmanship. This fusion not only honors the legacy of Saint Spyridon but also underscores the Orthodox Church's commitment to preserving sacred art forms. As believers engage with this set, they partake in a millennia-old tradition of icon veneration, affirming their connection to the historical and spiritual journey of the Church. Spiritual Education and Formation The inclusion of the Akathist hymn to St. Spyridon within the gift set plays a crucial role in spiritual education. These prayerful hymns offer a narrative of Spyridon's life, miracles, and virtues, serving as a tool for catechesis and spiritual formation. For families, the set becomes an invaluable resource for teaching younger generations about the saints' exemplary lives, fostering a deeper understanding of Orthodox faith and spirituality. This educational aspect enriches the faith experience, transforming routine prayer into an opportunity for spiritual growth and learning. Fostering Community and Collective Devotion While personal veneration is at the heart of the St. Spyridon Icon Gift Set's use, its impact extends into the communal realm. In Orthodox parishes and homes, collective prayer before the icon can strengthen communal bonds and collective devotion. Saint Spyridon, known for his miracles and his role as a protector, becomes a focal point around which communities can unite, seeking his intercession for collective needs and challenges. This shared veneration reinforces the sense of belonging to the wider Orthodox community, transcending local boundaries to connect with the universal Church. Cultural Impact and Orthodox Identity The gift set also plays a pivotal role in the cultural identity of Orthodox Christians. By highlighting the life and miracles of St. Spyridon through art and prayer, the set enriches the cultural tapestry of Orthodoxy. It serves as a reminder of the faith's rich heritage, embodying the values, stories, and artistic expressions that define Orthodox Christian identity. In a broader context, such religious artifacts contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, offering a counter-narrative to the secularization of society and reminding the faithful of their spiritual and cultural roots. The St. Spyridon Icon Gift Set transcends mere religious symbolism to embody the profound intersections of faith, culture, and community within Orthodox Christianity. Through its use, believers are invited into a deeper exploration of their faith, connecting with the legacy of St. Spyridon and the broader Orthodox tradition. This set not only serves as a tool for personal devotion but also acts as a catalyst for cultural preservation, spiritual education, and community building, reinforcing the vibrancy and depth of Orthodox Christian life. As we contemplate the multifaceted implications of this sacred set, it becomes clear that its value extends far beyond the physical components it comprises. It stands as a beacon of faith, tradition, and community, inviting all who engage with it to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Orthodox faith and to participate more fully in the communal life of the Church.
3 reviews for St. Spyridon Silver Icon Set – Handmade Devotional
Sara L
2023-10-27 17:48:21
Arrived even earlier than expected, which was perfect for me. This was a gift to my grandmother and she loved it! I was torn between two sets and contacted the store representative to learn more about these products, and got quick and detailed reply. On behalf of my grandmother and myself, I express deep gratitude to the team! Thanks a lot!
5 out of 5
2022-06-25 16:48:35
Good quality set and it arrived fast. I am very happy with this purchase :) When I light the candle and open the prayer book, it changes the atmosphere in the house and makes my praying and alone time With God so much peaceful… Thanks to the Andcross team for the opportunity to purchase this set
5 out of 5
T. A. Kosturowska
2021-03-12 13:16:47
Beautifully made. I’ve been looking for the icon of this Saint to finish my collection. Found it here with candles and a book of prayers – even better. It is a great addition to my icon corner. Perfect quality and great service
5 out of 5



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