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St. George Warrior Icon Set with Prayer Book & Candles


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The Icon Of St Nicholas Wonderworker, Orthodox Gift Set, Silver Plated .999 Version, handmade, gift box, christian icon, St Nicholas. B455
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Product code: B454.
The icon – (2.52 x 1.97 inches) 6.4 x 5 cm
The candles – (7.67 x 0.3 inches) 19.5 x 0.8 cm

EAN: 1390000308114
SKU: B454
In the serene light of devotion and tradition, the Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of St. George Warrior, notably in its Silver Plated .999 Version, emerges as a beacon of spiritual sustenance and protection. This meticulously curated ensemble is more than a mere collection of religious items; it embodies a profound narrative of faith, resilience, and divine guardianship, echoing through centuries of Orthodox Christian heritage. Historical and Spiritual Significance The icon of St. George the Warrior, at the heart of this set, captures the essence of one of the most venerated saints in the Orthodox Church. St. George's tale is one of valor, faith, and martyrdom, transcending time and geographical borders. Known as the Patron Saint of Soldiers, his legend encapsulates the eternal struggle between good and evil, symbolizing the victory of faith over adversity. From the ancient cobblestones of Byzantine churches to the rugged landscapes of modern-day battlefields, the image of St. George slaying the dragon has served as a potent symbol of protection from evil, faith, and courage. Soldiers and military personnel, across ages, have sought the intercession of St. George before venturing into conflict zones, finding solace and strength in his enduring legacy. However, the appeal of St. George is not confined to warriors alone. Individuals engaged in perilous occupations, athletes facing the brink of physical endurance, and ordinary people battling their inner demons, all find a protector in St. George, making him a universally revered figure in the Orthodox tradition. The Craftsmanship of the Icon and Set Components The Orthodox Gift Set is a testament to the rich tradition of Andcross Artisan Creations, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of Orthodox workshops and independent artisans. The set includes a handcrafted icon of St. George, consecrated Orthodox candles, and a prayer book, all nestled within a sophisticated gift case, making it an ideal religious home decor piece or a profound spiritual gift. Each component of the set is crafted with reverence and precision. The icon, featuring St. George in a majestic posture, is plated in .999 silver, highlighting the intricate details of his armor and the fierce dragon at his feet. The use of MDF board as the base ensures durability, while the silver plating exudes an aura of sanctity and reverence. Materials and Dimensions The materials chosen for this set reflect a blend of tradition and quality. The icon itself is a marvel of artisanal skill, crafted on MDF board and adorned with .999 silver plating, offering both beauty and longevity. Accompanying the icon are twelve consecrated candles, made from natural bee wax, emanating a gentle, soothing light that enhances the ambience of prayer and meditation. The prayer book, although in Russian, serves as a spiritual guide, containing prayers and devotions that resonate with the devout. Dimensions of the components are thoughtfully considered to facilitate ease of use and display. The icon measures 6.4 x 5 cm (2.52 x 1.97), a size that allows it to be a focal point without overwhelming the space it occupies. The candles, each measuring 19.5 x 0.8 cm (7.67 x 0.3 inches), are designed for longevity and are inscribed with the words Save and Protect, embodying the essence of divine safeguarding. Supporting Orthodox Artistry and Spirituality Purchasing this gift set not only enriches one's spiritual life but also supports the ecosystem of Orthodox artisans and craftsmen dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the sacred art of iconography and candle making. These consecrated items, ready for use in home prayer or as part of a larger collection of religious home decor, serve as a bridge connecting the faithful with the divine, facilitating moments of reflection, protection, and spiritual strength. Application and Use in Devotional Practices The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of St. George Warrior is versatile in its application, serving both as a focal point for prayer and meditation and as an exquisite piece of religious home decor. Positioned in a prayer corner or displayed alongside other spiritual artifacts, the icon of St. George acts as a constant reminder of the power of faith and the protection afforded to those who seek refuge in the divine. The candles, when lit, create a serene atmosphere conducive to prayer and reflection, allowing the faithful to immerse themselves in the tranquility of spiritual practice. Let's continue to explore the practical aspects of using this gift set in devotional practices and its significance in the broader context of Orthodox Christian tradition. As we delve further into the essence and practical application of the Orthodox Gift Set featuring the Icon of St. George Warrior, it's essential to appreciate the depth of its role in personal and communal spirituality. This set is not merely an item of religious significance; it is a portal to a richer, more profound engagement with one’s faith and the storied traditions of the Orthodox Church. Enhancing Personal Devotional Practices For individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, this gift set offers several pathways to enhance one’s connection to the divine. The icon of St. George, with its silver-plated depiction of the saint in triumphant battle, serves as a visual focal point for prayer and meditation. It invites the faithful to reflect on the virtues of courage, faith, and perseverance against adversity, embodying the spiritual strength devotionals that are central to Orthodox Christian life. The consecrated candles included in the set further enrich personal devotions. Lighting a candle before the icon creates a sacred space, symbolizing the light of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. This act transforms ordinary moments into times of divine communion, offering solace and peace to the believer. The gentle glow of the beeswax candles, coupled with the act of prayer or reading from the included prayer book, facilitates a profound experience of contemplation and spiritual renewal. Fostering Community and Tradition Beyond personal use, the Orthodox Gift Set serves as a tangible connection to the communal and liturgical life of the Orthodox Church. Gifting such a set to friends or family members on occasions such as baptisms, name days, or as symbols of protection for those in the military or facing life’s trials, reinforces bonds of faith and community. It serves as a reminder of the shared heritage and the collective journey of believers towards spiritual enlightenment and salvation. Incorporating these items into family traditions or community gatherings, such as prayer meetings or feast day celebrations, enhances the collective experience of worship. It fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose, bridging generational gaps and reinforcing the continuity of Orthodox traditions. The act of gifting or using this set becomes a means of passing down cherished practices, embedding them more deeply in the fabric of communal life. A Bridge to the Sacramental Life of the Church The inclusion of consecrated items within this gift set—particularly the candles and the icon—serves as a bridge to the sacramental life of the Orthodox Church. Consecration imbues these items with spiritual significance, making them not merely decorative or educational but sacramental, serving as channels of God’s grace. By integrating these items into daily life, believers are reminded of the sacraments’ power and the ongoing presence of the divine in their lives. This connection is particularly poignant for items like the prayer book, which contains prayers and devotions that mirror those used in the Church’s liturgical life. Engaging with these prayers at home can deepen one’s understanding and participation in the liturgy, creating a seamless weave between personal devotion and communal worship. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of St. George Warrior, silver-plated and richly endowed with symbolic and practical elements, offers a multifaceted approach to engaging with one’s faith. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of St. George as a symbol of protection, courage, and righteous struggle, relevant not only to soldiers but to all who seek guidance and protection in their spiritual journey. Beyond its immediate aesthetic and devotional appeal, the set represents a continuum of faith, artistry, and tradition. It supports the artisans and workshops that keep Orthodox Christian art alive, encourages personal growth in faith, and strengthens the bonds of community and tradition. In every candle lit, prayer offered, and glance toward the icon, believers are invited to partake in a centuries-old tradition of devotion, finding solace, strength, and inspiration in the enduring legacy of St. George and the profound spirituality of the Orthodox Church.
3 reviews for St. George Warrior Icon Set with Prayer Book & Candles
2023-09-07 20:36:10
This set creates a great ecclesiastic atmosphere at home. I’m glad there’s a prayer book that comes with this set, I still have so much to learn. The icon is rather small but very masterly done. I love the silver finish on it, reminds me of icons that I see in churches. Many thanks and blessings from Saint Petersburg
5 out of 5
Anita Andreeva
2023-04-05 17:47:11
What a beautiful high quality gift set… Shipping was fantastic coming all the way from Estonia. Such a great work to assemble all these things together coming from different masters, it saved me a lot of time. Care about believers and their needs is top notch…
5 out of 5
Irena Collins
2021-05-14 13:29:10
Very swift shipping for something coming from abroad, well packed, and beautifully made. Exactly as described, the icon features so many beautiful details. It is a small prayer book, however, the print is clear and can be read without glasses. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
5 out of 5



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