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Guardian Angel Day Blessing Set: Icon & Prayer Book


Set of 34 Small Wooden Christian Icons
Set of 34 Small Wooden Christian Icons
Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator, Silver Plated 999. B490
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Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator, Silver Plated 999. B490
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Product code: B491.
Prayer book ( 61 page )
Calendar (Orthodox holidays, names, Easter for 2017-2035).

EAN: 1390000310315
SKU: B491
Embarking on a spiritual journey through the realms of faith, tradition, and artistry, we delve into the essence of a unique and sacred ensemble: the Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set. Crafted with devotion within the serene walls of a monastery by nuns, this blessed collection is a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox Christian devotion and the meticulous art of religious iconography. This set, a harmonious blend of spiritual utility and aesthetic beauty, serves as a beacon of faith, guiding the faithful in their daily lives and special moments of spiritual reflection. The Guardian Angel Gift Set: A Divine Assembly At the heart of this sacred collection lies the Guardian Angel Icon, a spiritual emblem of protection and guidance. Accompanied by a prayer book, a postcard, and a comprehensive Orthodox Holiday Calendar, this set is designed to enrich the spiritual life of its recipient, offering tools for prayer, reflection, and celebration of the Orthodox faith. Each component of the set, from the icon to the calendar, is imbued with a deep sense of purpose and devotion, crafted to support the faithful in their journey towards spiritual growth and understanding. Craftsmanship and Materiality: A Testament to Devotion The Guardian Angel Icon Central to the Happy Angel's Day set is the Guardian Angel Icon, a masterpiece of religious artistry. This icon, created in the revered tradition of Orthodox iconography, serves as a visual testament to the guardian angels' ceaseless protection and intercession. The icon is meticulously hand-painted, following centuries-old techniques that have been passed down through generations of devout artisans. The use of traditional materials, including egg tempera on wood, lends the icon an ethereal quality, bridging the gap between the divine and the earthly. Prayer Book and Calendar Accompanying the icon is a 61-page prayer book, a spiritual treasury that offers prayers for various occasions and needs, guiding the faithful in their dialogue with the divine. The book is crafted to be a companion in both moments of solitude and communal worship, its pages a source of comfort and inspiration. The set also includes a calendar, detailing Orthodox holidays, names, and the dates of Easter from 2017 to 2035. This calendar is not merely a functional item but a spiritual guide, marking the rhythm of the liturgical year and the feasts and fasts that structure the life of the Orthodox faithful. Postcard: A Message of Faith The inclusion of a postcard in the Happy Angel's Day set allows for a personal touch, enabling the giver to convey heartfelt wishes or the recipient to share blessings with loved ones. This postcard, adorned with religious imagery, becomes a messenger of faith, carrying words of hope and spiritual solidarity. Dimensions, Material, and Weight The dimensions and material of the Guardian Angel Icon and the accompanying items are chosen with care to ensure durability and ease of use. While specific dimensions and weights may vary, each item is designed to be both portable and substantial, reflecting the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship involved in their creation. The prayer book, calendar, and postcard complement the icon, together forming a set that is both beautiful and spiritually enriching. The Monastic Tradition: Nuns as Artisans of the Sacred The Happy Angel's Day set is born of a monastic tradition that sees nuns not only as spiritual intercessors but also as artisans of the sacred. The monastery, a haven of peace and prayer, becomes a workshop of divine artistry, where each item is crafted with prayerful intention and blessed before it begins its journey to the faithful. This monastic provenance adds a layer of spiritual authenticity to the set, making it a conduit of monastic blessings and prayers. Celebrating Angel's Day: A Tradition of Protection and Prayer Angel's Day, or the feast day of one's guardian angel, is a cherished tradition in Orthodox Christianity, a time to honor the angelic protectors assigned to guide and guard each soul from baptism until eternity. The Happy Angel's Day set is designed to mark this special occasion, offering the faithful tools for prayer and reflection, and a tangible reminder of their guardian angel's constant presence. A Beacon of Faith and Artistry The Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set stands as a luminous testament to the beauty of Orthodox spirituality and the depth of Christian devotion. Crafted with meticulous care by nuns in a monastery, each item in the set is imbued with a sense of sacred purpose, serving as a guidepost on the spiritual journey. As this blessed ensemble continues to inspire and comfort those who receive it, it carries forward the legacy of sacred art and monastic craftsmanship, reminding us of the angels' ceaseless watchfulness and God's unfathomable love. In embracing this sacred gift set, believers are invited into a deeper communion with the divine, encouraged to reflect on the mysteries of faith, and offered a reminder of the beauty and depth of the Orthodox tradition. Through its spiritual utility and aesthetic grace, the Happy Angel's Day set continues to illuminate the path of those who seek to deepen their relationship with the divine, bridging the gap between heaven and earth, and inviting all into a deeper understanding of the mystery and majesty of the guardian angels. This exploration has delved into the spiritual essence, craftsmanship, and significance of the Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set, highlighting its role in personal devotion, the celebration of Angel's Day, and the continuation of monastic traditions of sacred artistry. As we reflect on the set's place in the broader context of religious celebration and spiritual practice, it becomes clear that such artifacts are not only treasures of religious heritage but also beacons of hope, beauty, and divine protection in our world. The Role of Guardian Angels in Orthodox Spirituality In Orthodox Christian theology, guardian angels are considered a gift of divine grace, assigned to protect and guide each soul towards spiritual salvation. The belief in guardian angels is not merely a tradition but a profound acknowledgment of God's personal care for each individual. The Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set serves as a tangible reminder of this divine guardianship, encouraging the faithful to cultivate a relationship with their guardian angel through prayer and awareness. The Art of Iconography: Connecting Heaven and Earth The practice of iconography, especially in the creation of guardian angel icons, is a sacred art that serves as a bridge between the heavenly and the earthly. Icons are not ordinary images but windows into the divine, inviting those who gaze upon them to enter into a spiritual communion with the saints and angels depicted. The guardian angel icon in the Happy Angel's Day set is a prime example of this holy art, crafted according to the ancient traditions of the Orthodox Church. It embodies the iconographer's prayerful labor and the Church's teachings on the angelic realm, making it a powerful aid for personal devotion. Monastic Life: A Source of Sacred Creations The monastic community's role in producing religious artifacts like the Happy Angel's Day set is invaluable. Monasteries have long been centers of prayer, spiritual reflection, and the creation of sacred art. The nuns who craft these items imbue them with spiritual significance, their work sanctified by a life dedicated to prayer and service to God. This monastic context enriches the gift set, making it not just a collection of items but a repository of prayer and blessing. The Significance of the Prayer Book and Calendar The prayer book included in the Happy Angel's Day set is a spiritual companion, offering the faithful words to express their deepest yearnings, gratitude, and petitions to God. It serves as a guide for those seeking to deepen their prayer life, providing structure and inspiration for daily communication with the divine. Similarly, the Orthodox holiday calendar is not merely a chronological tool but a spiritual roadmap, marking the feasts and fasts that rhythm the liturgical year, guiding the faithful through the seasons of joy and penitence that characterize the Christian journey. The Postcard: A Medium of Spiritual Connection The inclusion of a postcard in the gift set underscores the importance of community and shared faith in Orthodox spirituality. It allows the giver to impart blessings and good wishes, strengthening bonds within the Christian community. This small but meaningful gesture highlights the interconnectedness of the faithful, united in prayer and the celebration of their guardian angels. Application and Usage: Beyond Angel's Day While the Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set is designed to celebrate the feast of one's guardian angel, its components have a value that extends beyond this specific occasion. The icon can be placed in a home prayer corner, serving as a focal point for daily devotion, while the prayer book can be used throughout the year for personal and family prayers. The calendar, with its comprehensive marking of Orthodox holidays, becomes an annual guide for living according to the liturgical rhythms of the Church. A Gift of Faith, Hope, and Love The Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set is more than a collection of religious items; it is a manifestation of faith, hope, and love. It represents the Church's care for the spiritual well-being of the faithful, offering tools for growth in holiness and communion with the divine. As this set finds its place in the homes and hearts of believers, it becomes a source of comfort, inspiration, and spiritual nourishment, a reminder of the ever-present guidance and protection of guardian angels. In embracing this blessed gift set, the faithful are reminded of the invisible yet powerful presence of their guardian angels, leading them closer to God. It encourages a life lived in awareness of the divine presence, guided by angelic protectors on the path to salvation. Through its beauty, craftsmanship, and spiritual significance, the Happy Angel's Day set continues to inspire a deeper engagement with the mysteries of faith, enriching the spiritual lives of those who receive it. This exploration into the Happy Angel's Day Guardian Angel Gift Set has revealed its multifaceted significance as a tool for devotion, a symbol of faith, and a means of spiritual connection. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of religious tradition and the timeless appeal of sacred art, inviting all to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the guardian angels' role in the Christian life.
1 review for Guardian Angel Day Blessing Set: Icon & Prayer Book
Nick Avelino
2023-11-03 19:59:59
This set makes a beautiful gift for orthodox believers.I got this one for my mother in law and she was positively surprised by my thoughtfulness.She appreciated the prayer book,said it is a great help for her when she prays.Many thanks for the fast shipping.Greetings and all the best from the Avelino family :)
5 out of 5



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