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Silver Blessings: Choosing a Wedding Icon and Personal Ring from Andcross

I have different icons at home. But I had to buy a new one for my daughter’s wedding. So that it could bless the newlyweds and stay in their house after the ceremony. I was looking for a big, expensive, and beautiful icon made of silver. I found nice options on the Andcross website – there were many items that I liked.
I ordered an icon of the Mother of God. They delivered it quite quickly and gave me a wooden cross for free. From what I see – an inexpressible beauty. Silver will last for ages. I hope this icon will help the young couple to live a long and happy life and it will always be in their house – to protect, help, and guard them. The Mother of God will help make their marriage happy and give birth to healthy children.
While looking for a gift, I also found a nice item for myself – an Orthodox silver ring. Got it ordered as well. I wasn’t sure about the size but got clarifications via email, which you can find on the website. As a result, the ring fit perfectly. The inscriptions and patterns on the ring are very finely made, what a beauty. This ring, as well as a cross, will help me and protect me from evil and sin.
Overall: I made 2 orders on this online store. Both products arrived quickly, I’m happy with everything. Can surely recommend it to others. Haven’t noticed any disadvantages.
Louis Terry