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    Orthodox Store »Andcross» presents a collection of unique items that are united by Orthodox themes. They are performed in a high-quality artistic style.

    There are a lot of decorations such as rings, chains, crosses, bracelets that are performed in various forms and styles. There are different kinds of weaving, combinations of artistic styles, materials of different kinds,

    – all these things will please a connoisseur of Orthodox traditions.

    All the elements suit the traditions of the Orthodox church and are decorated with patterns and flower ornaments.

    The wholesale customers can get individual offers.

    The prices are calculated individually for every big customer depending on the kinds and amounts of goods. The official website shows all the available offers, special actions and discount systems. Any additional information can be got via the e-mail:

    +372 56605859
    Ahtri 10A. 10151 Tallinn