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We aim to make true Orthodox treasures accessible to everyone. That’s why we launched a small online store with Christian goods. Here, you can find everything to invite God into your life. By praying in front of sacred images, reading religious literature, and wearing small symbols of the faith (crosses, pendants, and bracelets).

Our goods are not just some mass production you see in ordinary souvenir shops. They are made by Christians who spend time with God daily – through their prayers, reading the Bible, and living a devout life. By holding such an object, you can already feel its immense power.

This Art Store was created on the basis of the International Orthodox Corporation Andcross. We unite talented and skilled artisans from all over the world and pilgrimage centres from Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Greece, Russia, Georgia, and Italy.

Since 1999, we’ve been working with monasteries, churches, and independent Orthodox craftsmen. Our mission is to fill the house of every Christian with the Divine essence of Our Lord. Through quality religious objects and daily communication with God, we can find the way to salvation, heal our bodies and souls, and feel the presence and blessing of God.

Three main activities of our corporation:

organising pilgrim trips;
crafting church utensils, icons, icon cases (kiotas), and folding icons in our Art workshop;

selling the religious objects made by Orthodox craftsmen.Check our website to find detailed information about what we do


Pilgrimage has been a common practice for Christians since ancient times. The majestic sanctuaries are scattered all around our planet, and seeing them remains the main goal of every true believer. At Andcross, we want to make these journeys meaningful – so they can be actually called “pilgrim tours” and not “tourist trips”.

Our groups are not just visiting holy sites. We come to worship the ancient relics and wonderworking icons that saved the nations from wars and diseases. We bathe in holy springs, attend church services, and communicate with clergy and monks.

A person comes back from such a trip wiser and relieved. The burden of unresolved situations and problems doesn’t weigh on the shoulders anymore, the answers to the most important questions come to mind, and the body heals.


Sacred images are not decorations for the house. They are windows to God. It’s important that you purchase consecrated icons and religious objects made with prayer. However, these goods aren’t available in every town. Andcross Art Store wants to make sure that every believer has access to high-quality products of Christian art.

The Corporation is based in Tallinn (Estonia), yet, you can place an order from any country. We deliver all items by standard post. If you want to receive your item as soon as possible, contact us to discuss the possibility of express delivery by FedEx or UPS.
(Express shipping via FedEx and UPS is possible at extra cost)

If you are an independent artisan, or a big company producing Orthodox items, we invite you to partner with us.

Contact us if you have any inquiries. We will be happy to assist you in any way.

The team of Pilgrim Ecclesiastic Educational Center Andcross wishes you grace and peace.

May God shine His light upon you.

International Orthodox Art corporation Andcross
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If you find it convenient to shop at the Etsy online store, you are welcome to visit our Orthodox arts products Etsy shopping storefront at

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International Orthodox Art corporation Andcross