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Limited Orthodox Psalms: Monastery-Made Leather Cover


Limited Edition Orthodox Prayer Book by Monks, Blue Cover
64.00 50.56 (21%)
Orthodox Pocket Prayer Book Russian Language, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Hard Cover in Green Color. B424
Limited Edition Holy Psalter: Monastery-Crafted
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Orthodox Book, The Holy Psalter Russian Language, Made in Monastery, Blessed, Natural Black Leather Cover With Metal Corners, Limited. B443
(3 customer reviews)

Product code: B444
There are 512 pages.
Sizes are: 4.25″ x 3.0″ and 1.0″ thick.
110mm X 76mm X 25mm

EAN: 1390000307421
SKU: B444
Embarking upon an exploration of the Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition unfolds a narrative rich with tradition, spirituality, and monastic craftsmanship. This Limited Edition Religious Text, meticulously Handcrafted by Nuns, represents a tangible connection between the divine and the devout, encapsulating centuries of Orthodox Christian faith and practice within its pages. The Essence and Significance of the Orthodox Psalms The Book of Psalms, or Psalter, holds a place of unparalleled importance in Orthodox Christian liturgy and personal devotion. These ancient hymns and prayers, expressing the full spectrum of human emotion and spiritual longing, have been recited and sung by believers for millennia, offering solace, joy, and communion with God. The Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition invites Russian-speaking faithful into this rich tradition, allowing them to engage with these sacred texts in their native language, enhancing their spiritual journey and connection to their cultural heritage. Monastic Dedication to Craftsmanship and Spirituality The creation of the Handmade Leather Psalms Book is a testament to the monastic vow of ora et labora—pray and work. Nestled within the serene confines of an Orthodox monastery, nuns dedicate their lives to the service of God, a commitment that manifests in the creation of these Monastic Black Leather Scripture editions. Each book, a Natural Leather Bible Psalter, is the result of countless hours of prayerful labor, imbued with the spirituality and devotion of its creators. The choice of natural black leather for the cover, combined with the meticulous assembly of each page, ensures that this Monastery Crafted Psalms Edition is not only a spiritual tool but also a work of art. Physical Attributes: A Testament to Quality and Durability This Limited Edition Religious Text is notable not just for its spiritual significance but also for its physical characteristics. Measuring 4.25 inches by 3.0 inches and 1.0 inch thick (110mm X 76mm X 25mm), it strikes a perfect balance between portability and readability. The hard natural black leather cover, a hallmark of the Black Leather Liturgical Book, is designed to endure the rigors of daily use while maintaining its aesthetic and tactile appeal. The 512 pages of white paper within are carefully chosen for their quality and durability, ensuring that the sacred texts remain legible and pristine for years to come. A Bridge Between Ages: The Historical and Contemporary Role of the Psalter The Psalter's history is as deep and varied as the faith it serves. Originating in the earliest days of Judaism and Christianity, these texts have served as a spiritual lifeline for countless believers, guiding them through personal trials and communal celebrations. The Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition is a continuation of this ancient tradition, offering today's faithful a direct link to the prayers and hymns that have sustained the Orthodox Christian community through centuries of history. In a world where modernity often clashes with tradition, this Spiritual Orthodox Texts Collection stands as a beacon of timeless spiritual guidance, offering solace and strength to those who seek to navigate the complexities of contemporary life with faith as their compass. The Global Reach of Orthodox Christianity The availability of International Orthodox Book Shipping extends the reach of this sacred text beyond its monastic origins, bringing the spiritual richness of the Orthodox tradition to a global audience. This initiative reflects the universal call of the Orthodox Church to share the light of Christ with all people, transcending geographical, linguistic, and cultural barriers. The Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition, therefore, becomes more than just a book; it is a missionary tool, a symbol of the Orthodox Church's commitment to spreading the Gospel and fostering spiritual unity among believers worldwide. The Psalter as a Companion for the Spiritual Journey In the Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition, believers find not just a book, but a companion for the journey of faith. This Limited Edition Religious Text, with its Handmade Leather Psalms Book and Natural Leather Bible Psalter, embodies the essence of Orthodox spirituality, inviting all who encounter it to delve deeper into their relationship with God. As a Religious Gift Orthodox Tradition, it is a testament to the enduring power of prayer, the beauty of monastic craftsmanship, and the unifying spirit of the Orthodox faith. Through its pages, the faithful are encouraged to engage with the Psalms not just as texts to be read, but as prayers to be lived, woven into the fabric of daily life and lifted up as a continual offering to God. In this sacred volume, tradition and craftsmanship converge to create a Spiritual Orthodox Texts Collection that transcends time and place, offering a gateway to divine encounter for believers around the world. The Orthodox Psalms Russian Language edition stands as a beacon of hope, a source of comfort, and a guide for all who seek to navigate the path of faith with the Psalms as their spiritual compass.
3 reviews for Limited Orthodox Psalms: Monastery-Made Leather Cover
Kristi V
2024-03-03 14:46:01
Could not be happier with this purchase! A thick quality book full of wisdom. I love the touch of the binding when holding it in my hands. Very well made and beautifully done. Wonderful design. Got it for a present for my dear friend. 5* delivery and 5* service
5 out of 5
Ekaterina M.
2023-08-22 21:11:38
Beautiful and rare item! I was just lucky to find this store and many religious items that a Christian need in his spiritual life. The seller responded to my questions quickly and shipped everything wonderfully :)
5 out of 5
2022-08-14 11:14:11
Absolutely gorgeous that’s what my immediate reaction was. The book beautifully covered and finished to the usual high standard of genuine Orthodox goods. I’m so pleased with this order and will be buying again in this shop!
5 out of 5



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