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Orthodox Set: Holy Gospel & Book of Psalm


Limited Edition Leather Holy Gospel in Old Slavonic
130.00 102.70 (21%)
The Holy Gospel, Church Language, Book Blessed Made in Orthodox Monastery, natural leather, paper box, NEW. B429
Leather-Bound Orthodox Canons & Akathist Book
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Orthodox Pocket Book Canons And Akathist, Natural leather, paper box, Russian Language, Convent Made By Nuns, Blessed, Handmade. B427
(2 customer reviews)

Product code: B428
HOLY GOSPEL. ( 704 pages . Sizes are : 3.6″ x 5.6″ and 1.4″ thick , 142mm X 93mm X 35mm )
BOOK OF PSALM ( 543 pages . Sizes are : 5.50″ x 3.70″ and 1.10″ thick , 141mm X 93mm X 28mm )

EAN: 1390000306035
SKU: B428
In the heart of Orthodox Christian spirituality, sacred texts play an indispensable role, guiding the faithful through the rhythms of daily prayer and liturgical life. Among these texts, the Holy Gospel and the Book of Psalm stand as pillars of spiritual nourishment and reflection. This exploration delves into a unique offering within this revered canon: a set of two books, the Holy Gospel and the Book of Psalm, presented in the Church Slavonic language and crafted with devotion in a monastery by nuns. This limited edition set, a product of monastic dedication, represents a confluence of spiritual heritage and contemporary devotion, making it an essential addition to the Orthodox Christian library. The Essence of the Texts The Holy Gospel, spanning 704 pages, and the Book of Psalm, covering 543 pages, are more than liturgical texts; they are compendiums of divine wisdom, offering insights into the mysteries of faith and the path to salvation. The Gospel, recounting the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, serves as the cornerstone of Christian faith, inviting believers into a deeper relationship with God. The Psalms, attributed to King David and other sacred authors, express a range of human experiences and emotions, from despair to jubilation, guiding the faithful in prayer and meditation. Craftsmanship and Material This dual book set, bound in a format conducive to both personal and communal use, reflects a remarkable level of craftsmanship. The Holy Gospel measures 3.6 inches by 5.6 inches and is 1.4 inches thick (142mm x 93mm x 35mm), while the Book of Psalm measures 5.50 inches by 3.70 inches and is 1.10 inches thick (141mm x 93mm x 28mm). Each book is handcrafted, a testament to the monastic tradition of creating religious artifacts with deep reverence and meticulous attention to detail. The choice of materials—natural leather for the covers and high-quality white paper for the pages—ensures durability and a tactile connection with the sacred texts. A Limited Edition Offering The exclusivity of this book set, marked as a limited edition, underscores its value not only as a spiritual guide but also as a collectible item. Produced by nuns in an Orthodox monastery, each book is blessed, infusing it with spiritual significance. This blessing, coupled with the monastic provenance, renders the set a conduit of grace and a tangible link to the monastic community's prayerful intercession. Spiritual Reading in Church Slavonic Presented in Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Orthodox Church, this set offers an immersive experience of Orthodox spirituality. Church Slavonic, with its rich historical and liturgical heritage, connects the reader with the Orthodox tradition across the ages, preserving the depth and beauty of the original texts. This language choice enhances the devotional reading, allowing the faithful to engage with the texts in a form that is both ancient and alive, a living link to the apostolic faith. The Dual Book Set as a Daily Companion This Orthodox book set, comprising the Gospel and Psalm, is designed to be a daily companion for prayer and meditation. Its portable size and durable construction make it suitable for personal devotion at home or in the church, as well as for travel. The inclusion of morning and evening prayers, canons, and akathist hymns, along with the rule for Holy Communion, provides a comprehensive resource for preparing for and participating in the Eucharist, the sacrament of unity with Christ and the Church. A Sacred Invitation to the Faithful The Orthodox Set: Holy Gospel & Book of Psalm is more than a collection of texts; it is an invitation to deepen one's spiritual life, to immerse oneself in the divine words that have shaped the Orthodox Christian path to salvation. It encourages the faithful to engage daily with the teachings of Christ and the prayers of the Church, fostering a life of devotion, reflection, and communion with God. Global Reach and Accessibility Recognizing the universal hunger for spiritual depth, this set is made available for shipping worldwide, ensuring that believers and seekers across the globe can access these profound sources of spiritual nourishment. The commitment to spreading the Word of God and supporting the spiritual journey of the faithful is manifest in the monastery's effort to deliver these sacred texts to all corners of the earth, bridging distances and cultures in the shared pursuit of divine wisdom. A Testament to Orthodox Spirituality The set of the Holy Gospel and Book of Psalm, handcrafted by nuns and consecrated in a monastery, stands as a testament to the enduring power of Orthodox spirituality. It invites believers to explore the depths of their faith, offering tools for prayer, meditation, and the contemplation of sacred teachings. In its pages, the faithful find a source of comfort, guidance, and inspiration, a reminder of the presence of God in everyday life, and a call to live in accordance with His divine will. As this book set finds its place in the homes and hearts of believers, it serves as a beacon of faith, hope, and love, continuing the legacy of the Orthodox Church and enriching the spiritual lives of those who turn its pages. Through its use, the faithful are invited to partake in the divine mystery at the heart of Orthodox Christianity, joining a community of believers united in worship and the pursuit of holiness.
2 reviews for Orthodox Set: Holy Gospel & Book of Psalm
Antonina Ivanovna R
2024-02-21 11:43:47
I want to express my gratitude for the professionalism of Andcross managers. I was happy to receive these books and find them matching my expectations. The quality of printing was very important to me and I can easily read the word of God with these amazing products. God bless you all!!! Antonina Ivanovna R
5 out of 5
Albina Červenková
2023-06-24 19:45:19
Arrived quickly to my town Brno. Both items are in perfect condition. It’s amazing how much we can learn from these books. Overall I give this store 10/10, the whole shop is worth looking at, I would buy more things, that’s for sure
5 out of 5



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