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A Pilgrim’s Trust: Choosing Andcross for My Home’s Most Holy Theotokos Icon

I went on pilgrim trips organized by Andcross twice. It was a few years ago. Now I live in another country. I settled in and got everything I needed to start my new life. And now I need an Orthodox icon so I can pray in front of it to feel protected. By pure chance, I’ve found the website of this company I went on my trips with I had no idea that they also sell icons, and the choice is great. I didn’t even visit other websites because I know these people and trust them.
For my home, I chose the silver-plated image of the Most Holy Theotokos. She protects the house and family, she is the savior from troubles. Moreover, the Christ Child is also depicted in this image. I love to imagine both of them being next to me.
The package was delivered yesterday. I opened it and looked at my purchase… such a beauty, such grace. I put it on the table for now, but then I plan to make a special shelf in the corner of my room so I can put other icons there too. I want to place images of the saints, but the Mother of God and Jesus will be the main icon there.
I want to thank those kind people who painted this icon, who decorated it with silver, and who brought it to me. All these good deeds are for us, Orthodox Christians. I live far from my homeland but I really want to have a connection with our society, culture, and religion. And the daily prayers to the Most Holy Theotokos help me a lot. Of course, I used to pray every day before buying this icon. But now I pray in front of it.
Harry Taylor