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A Tale of Two Treasures: My Experience Buying a Handmade Book and Silver Cross from Andcross

I’ve made 2 orders on the Andcross website. First, I bought The Book of Akathists to the Mother of God and Various Saints. I paid 60 euros for it. It may seem a bit expensive for a book, but in fact, it’s not. Because it’s a product of surprisingly high quality. Handmade. The cover is made of thick brown leather. It’s eye-pleasing and amazing to the touch. The book was made by nuns in the monastery, and not printed in an ordinary printing house with the use of the same machine as for comics. And this is important. When it comes to religious objects, such things matter. The font is large, the pages are brightly white – the book is easy to read. It has more than 600 pages.

This is the best, the most important book in my library. I’m not just talking about religious literature, but about all the books I have. There are lots of different books in my house. But this one is the best crafted.

My second order was a cross made of 925 silver. It wasn’t made in a monastery but by professional jewelers. However, it was consecrated at the monastery. I can’t describe its beauty – a lot of patterns and small elements on it.
I’ve lost my old cross so I had to get a new one. Maybe it’s for the best, actually. Otherwise, I would’ve never bought such beauty for myself. Since the opportunity presented itself, I could buy a real work of art made of precious metal. I hope it will be with me until the rest of my life – to protect and guard me.