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Discovering Andcross: My Delightful Experience Buying Orthodox Icons and Religious Items

I opened the website of this Orthodox store almost accidentally. However, there’s no such thing as coincidence. So, I opened the website and was mesmerized by the products… I had no idea that I could just buy icons, put a bell on the table, or keep candles at home. And then I thought – I can do it… I remember my grandparents always had icons in their houses. They were simple, often DIY, and decorated with candy foil. But they were there, and my grandparents prayed in front of them and bowed down to them!

So I decided to get my own icons as well. I have checked the entire catalog several times – it was big. There were images of Jesus, the Virgin of Vladimir, and many saints. I’ve read on the Internet about the purpose of each image, which saint should I pray to, and what miracles they performed during their time on earth and after passing away.
I wanted to buy several icons at once and an Orthodox statuette for the table. My first order was an icon of the Holy Trinity – so the images of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are in my house. The purchased icon turned out to be even more beautiful than in the photos. I will surely order other icons there. But first, I’ll probably buy a table bell made of silver. It’s also very good for an Orthodox believer to have one at home.
Jacob Young