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Finding Sacred Art: My Journey to Purchase a Consecrated St. Nicholas Icon from Andcross

I’ve been long looking for the icon of St Nicholas on the Internet. There are even websites where it’s possible to buy one. But I didn’t want to get my icon from an ordinary online store, because it’s never indicated if the icon is consecrated. This is not an ordinary item. I did my search and found several sources on the web about Andcross. I made sure that this isn’t another commercial company that sells goods. People working there are really related to religion and pilgrimage, and they’ve been operating for a long time. Icons are made for them, and they are all consecrated, as it should be according to our Orthodox tradition.

I didn’t even care about the price, to be honest. It’s difficult to evaluate the work of real icon painters. There’s a difference in materials and artistic skill and many other nuances. So, the price of 60€ seemed adequate. Anyway, the icon will serve you for a lifetime and can be inherited, that’s why the cost isn’t that important.
The more important thing that I liked it. It’s very beautiful. The front side and the wooden back both look well-built and shiny. It comes with a stand and can rest on it firmly, without falling. Since I touch my icons from time to time – to wipe, take them out, or kiss them when I finish the prayer. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. I know that Orthodox people created it and Orthodox people sold it to me. This is what matters. As I’ve already said, an icon is not an ordinary item, it’s important to know where it comes from and who sells it.
Jack Adamson