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Archangel Barachiel

The angels in Heaven are under the leadership of Archangels. The Scripture mentions 8 such inhabitants of Heaven who share the will of God with people. Their deeds are are limited by their specific role and purpose. Thus, the one who is responsible for healing cannot be a warrior. One of the Archangels is called Barachiel.

The meaning of the name

Barachiel is translated from Hebrew as “blessing”. This Archangel is considered the embodiment of Divine guidance. He appears to proclaim the reward for living a righteous life and God-pleasing deeds. Barachiel favors any good endeavor and any righteous activity that pleases Our Lord.

The name Barachiel is unknown to many because it’s not mentioned in the Bible. The Scriptures tell us about seven Archangels but only two of them are named. Nevertheless, you can read about him in the book “On Revelations and Prophets”, which was written by the monk Amadeus. Since then, the name of Barachiel has become famous, and the number of his followers is increasing every day.

The Archangel Barachiel is also mentioned in the “Lives of the Saints”, which was published in the 17th century. Dmitry Rostovsky immortalized the name of the inhabitant of Heaven in the Orthodox world. In the book of Enoch, this Archangel is also mentioned. The author states that the Archangel accompanied him on his way to Heaven and also showed him pictures of the uprising of the children of God, the Last Judgment, and the future of the Israeli people.

Barachiel’s Deeds

Barachiel’s exact description is not mentioned in any scripture. However, there are some mentions of him in the book of Enoch. He is called the last Archangel – not in strength or dignity, but order. He is an angel of Blessings, and since he comes with good news, he is depicted with white roses, which are a symbol of good deeds and beginnings.

There’s a belief that the Archangel appeared to Abraham near the oak of Mamre. He told Abraham that his son would be born soon, although both Abraham and his wife Sarah were not young enough to have children. However, there is another version. According to it, the Lord himself appeared to Abraham with this good news.

How Barachiel is depicted

As it was mentioned above, the Archangel appears to tell people good news. Oh his chest, he carries roses with snow-white petals, which serve as a reward for the God-pleasing deeds. On some icons, Barachiel is depicted with a bunch of grapes on his chest.

It should also be noted that the Archangel isn’t depicted in white clothes, although it’s the traditional color for all inhabitants of Heaven. Instead of a snow-white tunic, he is wearing luxurious clothes of all shades of prosperity – cinnabar, malachite, golden, silver. All this stands for the generous gifts that await the righteous for their God-pleasing deeds and thoughts.

The radiant young man has thick wavy hair and a richly adorned diadem, which features a large gemstone. This stone stands for the “third” eye, a power that Barachiel has. The Archangel can see what is hidden from other people. And no matter how hard a person tries to hide his evil and sinful thoughts, Barachiel, and the Lord as well, will see them and punish the sinful.

On his neck and shoulders, he has ribbons fluttering as if in the wind. They are called toroki or slukhi. They are a symbol that the Archangel listens and obeys the Will of God. Wings are not the standard feature for an Archangel but Barachiel is always depicted with them. They symbolize the speed with which he fulfills the orders of God.

How Archangel Barachiel helps people

The blessed messenger of God gives his blessing to any initiative. You can ask him to reach success in building a house or when going to work – at the beginning of the way to work. He can help improve the health of all family members so that they can work for the benefit of their relatives. Barachiel is also in charge of all kinds of charity. But he will help those people who selflessly share with others and do not pursue their interests.