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Archangel Jeremiel

Archangels live in Heaven. They are the closest angels to God and stand above other Heaven’s inhabitants. Every Archangel has his own army and a specific role. Like other Archangels, Jeremiel serves his purpose. He promotes people’s elevation to Our Lord and brings them closer to the Throne of God.

The meaning of the name

In Hebrew, Jeremiel means “God uplifts”. Sometimes he is also called Remiel or Ramiel. In these cases, the name of the Archangel means “the Thunder of God”. According to some legends, Jeremiel escorts the souls of the dead to Heaven and to God.

In the Bible, the name of Jeremiel is not mentioned. Scripture mentions Michael as the oldest Archangel. It’s only possible to learn about other warriors of Heaven from books, legends, and revelations. For example, you can learn about Jeremiel from the Book of Ezra. The author claims that the souls of the dead appeal to Jeremiel to be rewarded for the good deeds they committed during their lifetime.

According to the Book of Ezra, Jeremiel told people that their future Age would come when there were enough believers on Earth, when there were enough germs of faith in human souls, i.e. when the number of righteous people reached the desired number.

St Jeremiel’s Mission

The Lord sends Jeremiel to Earth so that people can elevate their thoughts and deeds. He brings people closer to a righteous life and then – to Heaven. Jeremiah’s purpose is to instill good and positive thinking and fight against sinful thoughts. And it is Jeremiel who punishes people for sins and also prevents them. The Archangel teaches people to be merciful and pursue purity and innocence.

Archangel Jeremiel tells people what the world of righteous men will look like and what awaits sinners. People can see that darkness and emptiness are coming, and therefore they hurry to repent and walk a better path so they can be among those who will join Jeremiel on his journey to the Throne of God.

The Archangel will show the path you need to follow to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He shares the grace and wisdom of God with people and leads an army of Angels of Repentance, who make sinners remember even their minor sins.

Archangel Jeremiel shows the righteous and sinners the way to follow if they want to get God’s mercy, enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and get closer to His throne.

How St Jeremiel is depicted

Archangel Jeremiel is depicted as a handsome young man holding balance scale in his hands. Unlike other inhabitants of Heaven, he is dressed in clothes of blue and gold colors, which symbolize the brilliance of faith and the purity of Heaven. The scales in the hands of the Archangel are to measure the weight of righteous deeds and sins. If the side with sins is heavier, St Jeremiel guides the sinner to the right path.

A person can turn to St Jeremiel if he doesn’t have enough spiritual strength to do anything. People pray to him when they need to work spiritually but have no strength for it. Archangel Jeremiel values every person, and therefore he will show any soul (even the lost one) a way to salvation.

St Jeremiel supports those who have just started their confirmation but, seeing no result, stops going to church and praying. Such a person gets despondent, stops actively participating in spiritual life, and switches to something else. Then Jeremiel comes to the rescue and helps overcome difficulties and depression, get into a serious mood, and revive faith in the soul.

People pray to Archangel Jeremiel when their soul asks for it. You don’t have to go to church or have his image in front of your eyes to say a prayer, although the latter helps to tune in to a conversation with the Archangel.