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Review of buyer Holy Trinity and Saint Spyridon

Review of buyer Holy Trinity and Saint Spyridon

I live in a country where there are not too many Orthodox people. It may be difficult to find items that I need. I’ve been to some shops but the selection was poor there. I’ve always wanted to buy icons for my house and give them to my children so that they don’t forget our culture and the religion of our ancestors. I wanted them to preserve it, and then pass it on.

So, I began to search the Internet. There aren’t actually way too many offers when start looking closely. At some stores, the prices are huge, the others offer expensive delivery. Some stores sell icons but don’t indicate where and who made them – as if they are ordinary paintings. After my long search, I’ve found a good website Everything item they sell is consecrated and made in monasteries or churches.

My first order was an icon of Saint Spyridon. I’ve been dreaming of buying it for a long time but couldn’t find it anywhere. This saint helps in many spheres, especially when you have problems at home and work. I’ve got a very beautiful silver icon at a reasonable price. And it was delivered quite quickly.

So I ordered another icon – the Holy Trinity – for my son. And now, I’m getting a cross for my grandson. He was baptized 7 years ago and we’ve bought a very small one. Now, he is older so I think it’s time to give him a good silver cross so he can wear it for the rest of his life.