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Svyato-Danilov Monastery

In 1282 in the capital of Russia Prince Daniel of Moscow created a temple in honor of his heavenly patron Daniel the Stylite. The land of the monastery was encircled by a large palanca. During this period, a library was created at the monastery which contained the most ancient books. 1293 was a disastrous year for the monastery, because it was then that the Mongol-Tatars invaded Kievan Rus’. The monastery was practically ruined, and the values that were in it were lost.

Prince Daniel, the founder of the cathedral, has expressed a desire to be buried in a public cemetery. After he died, the princes of Kievan Rus’ began to transfer the brethren, following which the territory was gradually devastated. And only during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, Danilov the monastery was restored. At the request of the Tsar, a cathedral of the fathers of seven Ecumenical monasteries was erected near the grave of Daniel of Moscow. Only 100 years later, the relics of such a famous prince were found and officially transported to the monastery church.

During dark times, as well as during the war in 1812, the cathedral was destroyed. But, despite all the events, the monastery was restored, and all values, not least thanks to prayers, acquired a new look.

Modern look

After all that had been experienced, in 1983 a representative office of the Patriarch of Moscow was established in the monastery. Step by step, the monastery was restored, and also were restored and created:

  • Serafim Sarovski monastery;
  • Cathedral of Daniel the Stylite;
  • The Churches of the Fathers of the seven Ecumenical Councils.

Shrine, along with parts of the relics of the famous Prince Daniel of Moscow, is also located in this place. Absolutely everyone has access to it to worship and pray. The monastery houses shrines that are directly interrelated with such Christian names of saints as:

  • Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous;
  • Alexander Nevsky and others.

Up to this day, the most ancient icon is considered to be the list of the Vladimir image of the Virgin, which was created in the 17th century.