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Church Bells for Sale

History of Orthodox Bells

Since ancient times, the bells’ ringing has been considered sacred. It drove away evil spirits, helped us to purify spiritually, to distract from idle thoughts, to turn eyes to God. It is not by chance that bells are installed first of all during the construction of churches. The sound of the bell is miraculous. Sometimes it is called a ringing icon.

The handbells are a smaller copy of them. And their magical properties are the same, but, if we may say so, in the chamber version. Many musical instruments of religious significance consisted of handbells. It is believed that their sound is able to completely change the atmosphere and even has medicinal properties. Scientists have proven that these small ringing objects clean the room and the human body from harmful bacteria.

Our ancestors knew all these properties. Therefore, every house had a handbell. And for cattle: cows, goats and others, they tied tambourine around their necks. This was done not only to prevent the cattle from getting lost, but also to protect them from diseases, attacks by predators, bites of hornets, gadflies and other bloodsuckers.

The house where a handbell hangs on the front door is blessed. Its inhabitants are happy and successful people. In such families, there is no discord, serious or, even more, incurable diseases. Check it out for yourself! Hang up the handbell, and after a while, your life will begin to change for the better. It will drive away all the negativity from your home.

So, what can a simple handbell do?

  • protect your home from evil;
  • fight against pathogenic bacteria;
  • make the atmosphere of your habitat better;
  • cheer you up.

The best present

Handbells are very diverse, depending on the material, the presence or absence of engraving, drawing, tonality. To whom and when is it appropriate to present such a gift?

First of all, for the wedding. This tradition goes far back in the past. In different countries of Europe and Asia, America, no wedding was complete without this attribute. It was believed that this sonorous instrument drives away evil spirits, prevents the evil eye, symbolizes a new life. Let’s recall the famous “The Bells” by Edgar Poe. In recent years, it has become fashionable to use handbells in Russia as well. They are given to both newlyweds and guests – in memory of a joyful event.

This ringing “instrument” will be a great surprise for school graduates. After all, young people are entering a new life full of adult difficulties and unexpected turns.

A child of any age. Kids love to play with handbells. You can even hang it for your baby over the crib. This will be a great educational toy.

To a loved one as a talisman or just as a reminder of some happy events lived together.

You can order it in the Andcross online store. We have a huge selection for every taste and various purposes: silver, bronze, copper handbells, engraved, blackened, polished. Delivery is free not only in Russia but also around the globe. Our products are distinguished by high quality. We guarantee the purity of the materials. If the product is made of silver, then it is the truth. No impurities! The engraving, images and inscriptions are made by professional artists. We only have manual work. In addition, our store has a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers.