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Seven Arrows Icon – 999 Silver, Handmade Gift


St. Nicholas Icon Silver-Plated Wood – Handmade
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon St Nicholas Wonderworker. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B162
Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon: Mother of God Seven Arrows 13x18cm
80.00 69.60 (13%)
Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon Mother Of God Seven Arrows. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B164
(2 customer reviews)

Product Code: B163
The sizes are about : W – 5.12″ , L – 7.10″ (13cm x 18cm).

EAN: 1390000271500
SKU: B163
Introduction to the Theotokos Icon of the Seven Arrows The Seven Arrows Icon stands as a profound symbol in the Orthodox Christian tradition, embodying deep spiritual meanings and the miraculous intercessions of the Mother of God. This sacred piece, a Handmade Icon meticulously crafted and adorned with 999% Silver Orthodox plating, is revered for its representation of the Virgin Mary's sorrows and her compassionate presence in the believers' lives. Historical Background and Significance The iconography of the Seven Arrows depicts the Mother of God with seven swords or arrows piercing her heart, a visual metaphor for her seven sorrows. This imagery, deeply rooted in Byzantine Art, has been venerated in the Russian Orthodox Church for centuries, symbolizing the Virgin's empathy towards human suffering. The Mother of God Art serves as a tangible connection to the divine, offering solace and hope to the faithful. Artistic Merit and Craftsmanship Each Theotokos Icon of the Seven Arrows is a testament to the unparalleled skill and devotion of its creators. Employing PVD Silver Plated technology ensures that the icon's beauty is preserved, adhering to the highest EU Made Icon standards. The icon's creation, from the selection of MDF Wood Icon material to the final touches of silver, is imbued with prayer and reverence, making it a genuine piece of Religious Artwork. Product Specifications The icon measures approximately W - 5.12, L - 7.10 (13cm x 18cm), crafted from high-quality MDF wood to ensure durability and a refined finish. The surface is covered in pure 999% silver, reflecting the iconic Byzantine color palette. The use of MDF and silver, coupled with the icon's dimensions, makes it an ideal Sacred Decor for homes and churches alike, allowing for a versatile display. The Artistic Process: A Confluence of Tradition and Innovation Creating the Seven Arrows Icon involves a harmonious blend of ancient iconographic traditions and modern craftsmanship. This Handmade Icon reflects a commitment to preserving the sacred art forms of the past while incorporating contemporary techniques to enhance its durability and aesthetic appeal. The meticulous PVD Silver Plated process not only honors the icon's spiritual significance but also ensures its longevity. Applications and Spiritual Uses Beyond its aesthetic value, the Seven Arrows Icon serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation, enriching the spiritual life of those who venerate it. Its presence in a home or church offers a tangible connection to the Theotokos, serving as a conduit for prayers of intercession and protection. As an Orthodox Gift, it marks significant religious milestones, embodying deep spiritual meanings and the sanctity of Orthodox Christian faith. The Role of the Icon in Contemporary Spirituality In the modern religious landscape, icons like the Seven Arrows continue to play a vital role in personal and communal worship practices. They are not merely decorative but are integral to the spiritual lives of believers, acting as windows to the divine and aids in the journey toward salvation. The Seven Arrows Icon, with its rich symbolism and historical depth, remains a source of inspiration and devotion, bridging the gap between the earthly and the divine. Embracing the Sacred through Art The Theotokos Icon of the Seven Arrows is a profound testament to the enduring power of faith and the beauty of Orthodox Christian art. As a piece of Sacred Decor, a cherished Orthodox Gift, or a personal devotional item, this icon continues to inspire and uplift the human spirit, offering a glimpse into the heavenly realm through its exquisite craftsmanship and deep spiritual symbolism. Final Thoughts Owning or gifting the Theotokos Icon of the Seven Arrows is an act of faith and a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox Christianity. It represents not only a bridge between the earthly and the divine but also a source of comfort, inspiration, and a reminder of the Theotokos's protective presence and compassion. In this sacred image, believers find a symbol of hope, guidance on the spiritual journey, and a beacon of light in the darkness of life's trials.
2 reviews for Seven Arrows Icon – 999 Silver, Handmade Gift
Kind regards, Anna N.
2021-09-10 18:48:39
Perfect size for my icon corner. As for the item itself, I have nothing to say, extraordinary quality! You can see how every part was meticulously made from painting to plate. Received on time, the item arrived in great condition and the finish is great. I am very happy with my order and will be purchasing more in the future. Thank you very much for your work!
5 out of 5
2021-06-25 16:36:58
This icon of our Dearest Blessed Mother wounds my heart to see Her sad but inspires me to pray for my kids who live abroad. The icon is so unique and it corresponds to all Christian aspects – crafted by a devoted Christian and blessed in a real church!
5 out of 5



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