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St. George Warrior Icon: Silver Plated Orthodox Gift, 6x4cm


999 Silver Holy Family Icon 6x4cm – Orthodox Art
59.00 40.71 (31%)
Small Russian Orthodox Icon Holy Family. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B142
Kazan Mother of God Icon: Silver 999 Plated, 6x4cm
59.00 40.71 (31%)
Small Russian Orthodox Icon Mother Of God Kazan. Silver Plated .999 ( 6cm X 4cm ). B144
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Product Code: B143
The sizes are about : W – 1.60″ , L -2.35″ (64 mm x 50 mm).

EAN: 1390000269743
SKU: B143
THE GREAT MIRACULOUS ICONS Small Christian Icon. ST GEORGE WARRIOR The icons photos were made at the Andcross photo-studio. This miraculous icon is packed in a gift box. Made in EU by special order for Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Manufactured using a special metal PVD alloy processed with pure silver 999 Plating , with a Seriography that remains unchanged over time ! The sizes are about : W - 1.60" , L -2.35" (60 mm x 40 mm).Embarking on an exploration of the Orthodox Christian Icon of St. George, known as the St. George Icon, reveals a rich tapestry of Religious Art that has captivated the faithful and art enthusiasts alike. This particular piece, a Silver Plated Icon, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and spiritual depth of Christian iconography. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and imbued with profound spiritual significance, it serves not only as a Christian Gift but also as a portal to the divine. The Miraculous Icons of the Orthodox tradition are more than mere representations; they are considered windows to heaven, through which the faithful can commune with the saints and the divine. Among these, the icon of St. George the Warrior occupies a special place. Known for his courage and his triumph over evil, depicted in his legendary battle with the dragon, St. George's iconography inspires believers to faith and bravery. This piece, in particular, is a celebration of that spirit, making it a perfect addition to any collection of Orthodox Art or as a centerpiece for Spiritual Decor. Crafted in the European Union by the Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross, this icon is the result of unparalleled European Craftsmanship. Its creation was overseen by skilled artisans who specialize in the tradition of icon making, ensuring that each piece is not only a work of art but a spiritual tool for meditation and prayer. The icon is presented in a gift box, making it an ideal Christian Gift for various occasions such as baptisms, weddings, or as a meaningful gesture to someone special. The manufacturing process involves a special metal PVD alloy that is processed with pure silver 999 plating, ensuring that the icon’s serigraphy remains pristine and unchanged over time. This technical detail underscores the quality and durability of the icon, ensuring that it can be passed down through generations as a Religious Collectible. In terms of physical specifications, the icon measures approximately 1.60 inches in width and 2.35 inches in length (40mm x 60mm), making it a compact yet powerful piece of Religious Art. Its size and the weight are thoughtfully considered to allow for versatility in display, whether it be within a home altar, among other Church Artifacts, or in personal spaces where spiritual reflection is sought. Delving into the history and application of the St. George Icon, we find a narrative steeped in legend and faith. St. George is celebrated across various Christian denominations for his martyrdom and his fight against oppression. The depiction of St. George slaying the dragon is symbolic of the victory of good over evil, a theme that resonates deeply within the Christian faith. This icon, therefore, is not just an art piece; it is a symbolic representation of faith, courage, and the eternal struggle against darkness. This icon's serigraphy, a technique known for its ability to capture intricate details and vibrant colors, further enhances the visual and spiritual impact of the icon. The use of serigraphy in creating the St. George Icon ensures that each detail, from the saint's expression to the intricate patterns of his armor, is rendered with clarity and depth. This method, combined with the silver plating, results in an icon that is both visually stunning and spiritually potent. Beyond its aesthetic and spiritual value, the St. George Icon serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation. Icons are traditionally used in Orthodox Christian worship and personal devotion, serving as aids in focusing the mind and heart on the divine. This icon, with its depiction of St. George’s valor and faith, offers a powerful reminder of the virtues that the faithful aspire to embody. In conclusion, the St. George Warrior Silver Plated Orthodox Icon is a masterpiece of Orthodox Christian Iconography, embodying the essence of Religious Art and devotion. Its creation, rooted in tradition and executed with modern craftsmanship, bridges the past and present, offering a timeless piece for worship and reflection. Whether as a Christian Gift, an addition to one’s collection of Spiritual Decor, or a personal item for meditation, this icon stands as a beacon of faith, courage, and the transcendent beauty of Orthodox Christianity.
2 reviews for St. George Warrior Icon: Silver Plated Orthodox Gift, 6x4cm
T Stefanou
2024-03-09 15:41:20
The icon is very beautiful! Very good quality, I'm really impressed! The maker knows what they are doing and its well made from good quality materials. I love that it is actually made by the hands of believers, this add to the spiritual strength of this icon. Many thanks to Pilgrim Ecclesiastic Educational Centre Andcross for the icon of Saint George the Warrior
5 out of 5
2023-06-27 17:54:04
Very Beautiful, I love it, it’s exactly what I was looking for to place on my father’s bed table, this way Saint George will be guarding him throughout the whole year long. I will be buying again as the service was very quick and my order was very well packaged. Thank You so much
5 out of 5



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