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St. Nektarios Orthodox Icon – 999 Silver Plated


Silver-Plated Pantocrator Icon in Handmade Case 13x18cm
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Medium Wooden Russian Orthodox Icon Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B166
Icon of the Mother of God Quick to Hear (Skoroposlushnitsa)
Icon of the Mother of God Quick to Hear (Skoroposlushnitsa)
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Product Code: B167
The sizes are about : W – 5.12″ , L – 7.10″ (13cm x 18cm).

EAN: 1390000271548
SKU: B167
In the realm of Orthodox Christianity, icons are not merely art; they are sacred windows to the divine, each telling a story of faith, miracles, and divine intervention. Among these, the St. Nektarios Orthodox Icon shines as a beacon of spiritual depth and artistic mastery. This narrative delves into the icon's historical significance, artistic heritage, and its profound impact on believers. The Legacy of St. Nektarios St. Nektarios of Aegina, revered across the Orthodox Christian world, embodies the virtues of humility, compassion, and unwavering faith. His life, marked by trials and divine wonders, continues to inspire devotion and reverence. This Handmade Icon, meticulously crafted to represent St. Nektarios, serves as a tangible connection to his enduring legacy, inviting the faithful to reflect on his life's teachings and miracles. Artistic Merit and Spiritual Craftsmanship The creation of the St. Nektarios icon is an art form steeped in tradition, requiring not only technical skill but also a deep spiritual connection. Utilizing PVD Silver Tech, the icon is adorned with 999 Silver Plated detailing, ensuring that its sacred image remains pristine for generations. This marriage of Byzantine Image traditions with modern technology highlights the icon's place within the continuum of Christian Art, connecting contemporary believers with their spiritual heritage. Technical Specifications of the Sacred Artifact The icon measures approximately W - 5.12 by L - 7.10 (13cm x 18cm), a size chosen for its versatility and presence. Crafted from MDF, a material selected for its durability, the icon features a rich brown color, available in both gold and silver versions, reflecting its reverence and artistic value. This MDF Icon is not just a piece of art but a vessel of faith, designed to endure and maintain its beauty across decades. The Icon's Role in Orthodox Worship Within Orthodox Christian practice, icons like the St. Nektarios piece play a crucial role in personal and communal worship. Treated with reverence, these Orthodox Icons serve as focal points for prayer and meditation, facilitating a direct connection with the divine. The St. Nektarios icon, in particular, is venerated for its representation of a saint known for his miraculous intercessions and compassionate heart. The Miraculous Icon: A Source of Comfort and Inspiration Described as a Miraculous Icon, this sacred image is believed to embody the grace and blessings of St. Nektarios himself. For the faithful, it is a powerful intercessor, offering comfort, healing, and protection. Its presence in homes and churches underscores its significance as a Religious Gift and a spiritual companion, guiding believers in their faith journey. A Testament to Sacred Artistry and European Craftsmanship Proudly EU Crafted, the St. Nektarios icon is a testament to the rich legacy of religious artistry in Europe. From the selection of materials to the intricate application of silver, every aspect of the icon's creation reflects a commitment to quality and spiritual expression. This dedication ensures that the icon stands as a Sacred Art Gift, cherished by those who receive it. The Iconography of St. Nektarios: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation The iconography of St. Nektarios, captured in this Wooden Icon, blends traditional motifs with personal touches that reflect the saint's unique story and virtues. The icon's imagery, enriched with typical colors of Orthodox iconography, invites contemplation and reverence, serving as a visual testament to the saint's legacy within the Orthodox Christian tradition. An Emblem of Faith: The Icon's Impact on Devotional Life For believers, the St. Nektarios icon is more than an object of veneration; it is an emblem of faith, a constant reminder of the power of prayer and the presence of the divine in everyday life. As a Christian Silver Handmade Icon, it enriches devotional practices, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of any space it adorns. The St. Nektarios Icon as a Beacon of Divine Grace The St. Nektarios Orthodox Wooden Icon, silver-plated and presented in a gift box, stands as a luminous testament to the enduring power of faith, the beauty of Orthodox art, and the skilled craftsmanship of its creators. In a world in search of spiritual depth and connection, this icon serves as a beacon of divine grace, guiding the faithful toward a deeper engagement with their spiritual heritage and the timeless virtues of St. Nektarios.
1 review for St. Nektarios Orthodox Icon – 999 Silver Plated
2021-03-03 09:30:29
Good icons of Saint Nectarios are hard to find. I even wanted to go to Greece personally but Andcross saved me a lot of time and money. This icon is a work of art: it reflects totally the essence of the Saint and its icon style makes it really beautiful, not to say it’s made by Orthodox craftsmen. Thank you for your kind help with this purchase!
5 out of 5



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