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St Spyridon Icon 999 Silver | 13x18cm Gift Box


The Holy Family + 2 Small Icons Set. Christian Icon Silver Plated .999 ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B373
The Holy Family + 2 Small Icons Set. Christian Icon Silver Plated .999 ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm. B373
St. Panteleimon Healer Icon 21×28 Gold & Silver
274.00 189.06 (31%)
The Great Miraculous Christian Orthodox Silver Icon — The Saint Panteleimon The Great Martyr and Healer 21×28 Gold and silver version. B368
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Product Code: B371.
The sizes are about : ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm

EAN: 1390000301511
SKU: B371
In the serene embrace of Orthodox Christian tradition, icons are more than mere depictions; they are profound manifestations of faith, venerated as sacred windows into the divine. Among these, the St. Spyridon icon emerges with a resplendence that captivates the devout and the admirers of religious art alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and enshrined within a gift box, this icon of St. Spyridon, the Bishop of Trimythous, transcends its physical form to become a beacon of spiritual solace and miraculous intercession. The Legacy of St. Spyridon Delving into the life of St. Spyridon reveals a story of humility, compassion, and divine wonder. Known for his simple life and extraordinary miracles, St. Spyridon's legacy is a testament to the power of faith. This chapter explores his historical and spiritual significance within the Orthodox Church, illuminating why this shepherd of souls is revered across generations. The Art and Soul of Byzantine Iconography Byzantine art, with its rich palette and symbolic depth, serves as the foundation for the St. Spyridon icon. This section traverses the evolution of Byzantine iconography, highlighting its influence on Orthodox Christian art and how it informs the creation of contemporary icons like that of St. Spyridon. Craftsmanship Divine: Creating the St. Spyridon Icon From the selection of materials to the final touches of silver, the creation of the St. Spyridon icon is a labor of devotion. Employing PVD Silver Icon technology and Silver 999 Orthodox purity, artisans blend tradition with innovation to craft an icon that is both a Handmade Icon Gift and a Consecrated Art Piece. Product Details The St. Spyridon icon, measuring 13cm x 18cm (5.12 x 7.1), is a masterpiece of religious artistry. Crafted from MDF and adorned with pure silver 999%, it undergoes a special PVD treatment, ensuring its beauty and sanctity endure. This Miraculous Icon is not just an object of veneration but a Spiritual Icon Gift that carries the essence of Orthodox faith. The Silver Sheen: Material and Symbolism This chapter delves into the significance of using Silver 999 and the PVD technique in icon crafting, discussing how material choice contributes to the icon's spiritual potency and visual allure. The silver sheen is not just aesthetic but symbolic, reflecting the purity and eternal light of the divine. Beyond the Sacred: The Icon in Christian Homes Incorporating the St. Spyridon icon into the home transforms spaces into sanctuaries of faith. As a Christian Decor Silver item, it serves as a daily reminder of God's presence and St. Spyridon's protective embrace, making Religious Home Decor an integral part of living a faith-filled life. The Gift of Sanctity: The Icon as a Sacred Offering Presenting the St. Spyridon icon as a gift is an act of profound spiritual significance. Whether as a Sacred Art Gift Box or a Byzantine Art Replica, it conveys deep respect and wishes for divine blessings, reinforcing bonds of faith and fellowship. Supporting Sacred Artistry Acquiring a St. Spyridon icon supports the artisans and monastic communities dedicated to preserving the sacred tradition of iconography. This chapter celebrates the Handmade Icon Art and the commitment to keeping the ancient craft alive in the modern era. An Enduring Legacy The St. Spyridon icon, with its accompanying Orthodox Gift Box and Russian Icon Postcards, offers a tangible connection to the divine, bridging centuries of faith and artistry. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Orthodox Christianity and its capacity to inspire, comfort, and sanctify the human spirit. The St. Spyridon icon represents a confluence of divine grace and human craftsmanship, a sacred vessel of spiritual heritage that continues to illuminate the path of the faithful. In this icon, we find not only a reflection of St. Spyridon's sanctity but also a mirror of our own spiritual aspirations, a reminder of the beauty and depth of Orthodox Christian tradition.
1 review for St Spyridon Icon 999 Silver | 13x18cm Gift Box
2021-12-12 15:09:24
It is so beautiful in person! I am over the moon with this purchase. Icon made with care, the quality is visible with the naked eye. Packaging ensured no damage. Feels lovely to have this protection in our home
5 out of 5



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