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St. John the Baptist Silver Icon + Gift Box


Silver Plated Seven Arrows Mother of God Icon 3.1×4.3
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Mother Of God Seven Arrows. Wooden Christian Orthodox Icon Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. B412
Guardian Angel Silver Icon & Gift Set Blessed
84.00 73.08 (13%)
Orthodox Icon Guardian Angel Silver Plated 999 and Gift Set Happy Angels Day Made In Monastery By Nuns Blessed Handmade, Gift box. B410
(2 customer reviews)

Product Code: B411.
The sizes are about : ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm
Handmade. Gift box.

EAN: 1390000305236
SKU: B411
Creating an in-depth exploration of the St. John the Baptist Silver Icon, this document delves into the historical significance, the meticulous craftsmanship, and the spiritual essence encapsulated within this sacred artifact. Through a detailed integration of specified keywords, we aim to provide a comprehensive narrative that not only honors the legacy of St. John the Baptist within the Orthodox Christian tradition but also showcases the artistry and devotion behind this remarkable piece. The Spiritual and Historical Significance of St. John the Baptist St. John the Baptist, a pivotal figure in Christian theology, is venerated across various Christian denominations for his role in baptizing Jesus Christ and his embodiment of ascetic life. The icon of St. John the Baptist carries profound spiritual significance, symbolizing repentance, humility, and the heralding of Christ's coming. It serves as a tangible connection to the sacred narratives that form the foundation of Christian faith, and through Byzantine Icon Art, believers are invited into a deep contemplation of their spiritual journey. Artisanal Craftsmanship and Materials This St. John the Baptist Icon exemplifies the pinnacle of religious artistry, crafted by skilled artisans who combine traditional techniques with modern innovations. Made from MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), a material chosen for its durability and smooth surface, the icon serves as a testament to the commitment to quality and reverence for sacred art. The icon is adorned with 999 Silver, applied using the advanced PVD Silver Technique, ensuring a finish that is not only beautiful but also resistant to tarnishing and environmental degradation, in accordance with European standards. The Icon's Artistic Detail and Iconography As an original copy of a Byzantine sacred image, the icon faithfully reproduces the typical colors and intricate details characteristic of this ancient art form. The representation of St. John the Baptist is imbued with symbolic elements, from his depiction in the wilderness to the presence of the baptismal waters, each aspect rich in theological meaning and artistic expression. The use of the PVD Silver Technique not only enhances the icon's aesthetic appeal but also serves to protect its intricate details, ensuring the sacred image remains unaltered over time. Dimensions, Material, and Weight The main icon measures approximately 5.12 inches by 7.1 inches (13cm X 18cm), striking a balance between presence and intimacy suitable for personal devotion and as a focal point within a larger sacred icon collection. Crafted from MDF and adorned with a layer of pure silver 999%, these icons are a testament to the dedication and skill of their creators, encapsulated in a handmade Orthodox gift box. This attention to detail ensures that the icon is not only a spiritual artifact but also a piece of Christian Artwork to be cherished. The Role of the Icon in Modern Devotion In contemporary spiritual practice, the St. John the Baptist Silver Icon stands as a testament to the enduring power of sacred imagery to inspire, comfort, and guide the faithful. Whether placed in a home, office, or church, this icon invites contemplation and devotion, serving as a focal point for prayer and reflection. The inclusion of this icon in the Sacred Iconography collection and its presentation in an Orthodox Gift Box underscore its significance as a link between the traditional art of iconography and the living faith of modern believers. The St. John the Baptist Silver Icon, a remarkable example of 999 Silver Orthodox craftsmanship, embodies the confluence of artistry, spirituality, and history. As a sacred object of veneration and a masterpiece of religious art, it continues to inspire and uplift, bridging the past with the present in the ongoing story of Christian devotion. Through its presence, the icon of St. John the Baptist serves as a beacon of faith and a protector of spiritual values, echoing the eternal message of repentance and salvation through the beauty of Orthodox iconography.
2 reviews for St. John the Baptist Silver Icon + Gift Box
2021-12-17 05:05:25
This magnificent Icon of Saint John the Baptist found its new home in my bedroom, and many people already asked me where I purchased such a wonderful thing. Thank you for packing the Icon with extreme care. I look forward to ordering another Icon for me in the near future. The choice in this shop is rich!!
5 out of 5
David Vardanidze
2021-12-04 10:33:15
Stunning icon of Saint John the Baptist that touched my heart immediately. It’s so much different from other products I’ve seen on the internet… The quality of this icon is better even than what’s shown in the photos… Absolutely stunning work and impeccable delivery to Georgia 👍👍👍
5 out of 5



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