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Blessed Orthodox Set: Gospel & Revelation by Monks


Limited Edition Old Slavonic Holy Gospel
80.00 63.20 (21%)
The Holy Gospel, Church Language, Orthodox Book, Blessed, Made in Monastery, Hard Cover (For Sale 1 Book). B436
Blessed Holy Gospel in Russian by Monks
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The Holy Gospel, Russian Language Orthodox Book, Made in Monastery By Monks, Blessed (For Sale 1 Red Book). B434
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Product code: B435
HOLY GOSPEL. ( 671 pages . Sizes are : 3.5″ x 5.4″ and 1.25″ thick , 137mm X 90mm X 32mm )
JOHN THE APOSTLE BOOK OF REVELATION. ( 831 pages . Sizes are : 5.50″ x 3.70″ and 1.50″ thick , 141mm X 93mm X 38mm )

EAN: 1390000306684
SKU: B435
Embarking on a spiritual journey through the revered texts of Orthodox Christianity offers a profound immersion into a faith that has nurtured souls for centuries. This journey is vividly encapsulated in a unique and sacred collection of books, crafted with unwavering devotion by the monks of Sretensky Monastery. This collection, comprising the Holy Gospel and the Book of Revelation by John the Apostle, is not merely a set of religious texts. It represents a bridge to the divine, an invitation to delve deeper into one’s faith, and a guide to spiritual enlightenment. These books, in their essence, offer a testament to Orthodox faith, preserved through monastic tradition and shared with believers worldwide. A Testament to Orthodox Faith: The Divine Liturgy Text and Beyond At the heart of this collection lies the Holy Gospel, a cornerstone of Orthodox Christian books, embodying the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This divine liturgy text is crucial to the liturgical life of the Church, central to the celebration of the Eucharist, and a source of daily guidance and inspiration for believers. Accompanying the Gospel is the Book of Revelation by John the Apostle, a profound text that concludes the New Testament with its apocalyptic visions and prophecies, offering hope and a vision of divine justice. Exclusive and Handcrafted: A Journey from Monastery to Believer This limited edition, unveiled in 2010, stands out for its exclusivity and the sacred mission of preserving faith that the Sretensky Monastery monks undertake. Each book is handcrafted, a process that infuses these texts with spiritual significance, transforming them into more than just physical objects but vessels of divine wisdom. The monks’ dedication to creating these sacred texts reflects a deep commitment to sharing the richness of Orthodox spirituality. Engaging with Divine Wisdom in the Russian Language These texts offer spiritual reading in Russian, providing access to divine wisdom in a language that carries the soul of Orthodox Christianity. The choice to present these sacred texts in Russian not only preserves the nuances of the original texts but also makes them accessible to a wide audience of native speakers and those engaged in the study of this rich language. The Physical Attributes of Sacred Texts The Holy Gospel and the Book of Revelation are distinguished not only by their spiritual value but also by their physical attributes, which reflect a blend of traditional craftsmanship and practical considerations: The Holy Gospel measures 3.5 inches by 5.4 inches and is 1.25 inches thick (137mm x 90mm x 32mm), containing 671 pages of sacred teachings. The Book of Revelation spans 831 pages, with dimensions of 5.50 inches by 3.70 inches and a thickness of 1.50 inches (141mm x 93mm x 38mm). These dimensions and the careful selection of materials ensure that the books are both durable and manageable, ideal for both personal reflection and liturgical use. The hardcover design, coupled with the quality of paper used, ensures that these texts can withstand the test of time, becoming heirlooms of faith that can be passed down through generations. A Spiritual Guide: Unveiling the Essence of Orthodox Spirituality This collection serves as a spiritual guide, offering 830 pages of holy teachings that illuminate the path for believers seeking to deepen their understanding of Orthodox Christianity. The detailed exploration of the Gospel narratives and the visionary prose of the Book of Revelation provide a comprehensive foundation for engaging with the core tenets and eschatological promises of the faith. Worldwide Reach: Delivering Sacred Texts to Believers Everywhere Recognizing the universal yearning for divine connection, these sacred texts are made available for shipping worldwide, ensuring that believers and seekers across the globe can access these profound sources of spiritual nourishment. This outreach exemplifies the monastery’s commitment to spreading the love of Christ far and wide, making the richness of Orthodox spirituality accessible to all. A Sacred Invitation This collection of the Holy Gospel and the Book of Revelation, crafted with care and devotion by the monks of Sretensky Monastery, stands as a testament to the enduring power and beauty of Orthodox Christianity. It invites believers to explore the depths of their faith, to find solace and strength in the words of Christ and His apostle, and to participate in the timeless tradition of spiritual reading and reflection. As we delve deeper into the history and application of these revered texts, we are reminded of the role they play in our spiritual journey, enriching our understanding of the divine and guiding us on the path toward salvation.
3 reviews for Blessed Orthodox Set: Gospel & Revelation by Monks
2023-10-15 18:12:55
Reading religious literature before going to bed has become my habit. These 2 books I ordered from Andcross are a must-have for any Orthodox Christian! I’m satisfied and recommend with pure heart!
5 out of 5
2023-02-21 13:07:21
It is going to take some time to read through everything but I can already evaluate the quality of the item and the delivery. I am very grateful how fast the shipping was and the books have met my expectations greatly: always wanted to have four books of the New Testament under one cover. Thanks to everyone working at Andcross for helping me. With love from Poland
5 out of 5
J. H. Kristofferssen
2022-05-24 15:10:32
My second purchase from this Orthodox shop. The book covering and attention to detail is exquisite. Thank you so much for such a special item and the work you do for all believers who live across our big world.
5 out of 5



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