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Holy Family Silver Plated Icon Set


St. Spyridon Icon Set | Silver 999 | Handmade Gift
98.00 85.26 (13%)
St Spyridon Orthodox Christian Set, Handmade Icons Fine silver
5-Icon Set: Christian Faith & Brochure
151.00 104.19 (31%)
Gift Set + Brochure. Lord Jesus Christ. Mother of God Kazan. Mother of God Vladimir. Holy Family. St George. icons(6.4cm X 5cm)Silver Plated. B379
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Product Code: B382.
The sizes are about : ( 5.12″ X 7.1″ ) 13cm X 18cm

EAN: 1390000302211
SKU: B382
In the realm of Christian iconography, the Holy Family Icon stands as a beacon of spiritual devotion, encapsulating the sacred bond shared by Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. This Silver Plated Art piece, meticulously Handmade Religious artifact, is not only a Christian Icon Gift but a profound symbol of faith, love, and protection. Craftsmanship and Material Excellence The Holy Family Icon is a marvel of Orthodox Icon craftsmanship, showcasing the intricate beauty of Byzantine Art through its detailed depiction of the Holy Family. Covered with 999% pure silver using advanced PVD Technique Art, it represents a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. Product Details: Dimensions, Materials, and Weight This Sacred Image measures approximately 5.12 x 7.1 (13cm x 18cm), crafted from MDF with a rich brown color, adorned in both gold and silver versions. The use of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology ensures that the silver plating remains pristine and unaltered over time, adhering to European standards of quality and craftsmanship. The icon's construction from MDF provides durability while allowing for intricate designs and a level of detail that captures the essence of traditional iconography. The Significance of the Holy Family in Christian Tradition The depiction of Jesus Mary Joseph in iconography is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a spiritual journey into the heart of Christian faith. The Holy Family serves as an epitome of obedience, unity, and love, guiding believers in their spiritual and familial lives. The Byzantine Influence and Iconography Tradition Delving into the roots of the Holy Family Icon, one encounters the rich tapestry of Byzantine Art, where icons are more than art; they are windows to the divine. This tradition, preserved through centuries, is evident in the icon's style, colors, and the solemnity of the figures represented. Iconography Gift pieces like this carry forward the Byzantine legacy, making sacred stories accessible and intimate. The Process: From Sacred Art to Spiritual Decor Creating an icon, especially one as revered as the Holy Family, involves a meticulous process where artistry meets devotion. The MDF Icon Craft provides a modern canvas for ancient techniques, while Silver Plated Art and PVD Technique Art offer durability and aesthetic beauty, transforming these icons into lasting Spiritual Decor. The Role of Icons in Devotional Life For the devout, icons are not merely decorative; they are central to spiritual life and worship. An Orthodox Icon like the Holy Family becomes a focal point for prayer and contemplation, inviting a deeper engagement with the divine mysteries it represents. The Holy Family Icon as a Christian Gift Given its profound symbolic meaning, the Holy Family Icon emerges as a perfect Christian Icon Gift, ideal for religious milestones or as a means to enrich one's spiritual environment. Packaged in a Blessed Image Box, it is ready to be shared as a gesture of faith and love. The Art and Science Behind Icon Creation The creation of such icons is a blend of artistic tradition and technological innovation. Techniques like PVD not only enhance the icon's visual appeal but ensure its longevity, making it a timeless piece of art that can be passed down through generations. The Holy Family Icon's Place in Modern Devotion In today's fast-paced world, the Holy Family Icon stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the importance of family. It bridges the past and present, bringing timeless spiritual truths into contemporary homes and hearts. Acquisition and Appreciation Owning the Holy Family Icon goes beyond possessing a piece of religious art; it's about inviting the Holy Family into one's life, making space for grace, protection, and divine inspiration. It represents a commitment to spiritual growth and a dedication to upholding the values embodied by Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
2 reviews for Holy Family Silver Plated Icon Set
2021-12-09 15:10:04
Thank you so much for this beautiful item. It looks exactly as in the picture. Bravo to the artist and Andcross for this opportunity to buy unique religious items! My order arrived in time and I am looking forward to the birth of our little angel and the Holy Family to protect us all. 
5 out of 5
2021-07-06 06:06:01
One of my favourite icons in my collection now. God bless the makers and transporters of this beautiful piece of sacred art! I start every day with prayer to the Holy Family and ask the Almighty to bless me with a child of my own…
5 out of 5



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