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Holy Trinity Icon & Wax Candles Set – Consecrated Gift


Silver-Plated Vladimir Virgin Mary Icon Set
54.00 48.06 (11%)
Blessed Orthodox Gift Set With The Icon Of Mother Of God Vladimir, Silver Plated 999 Version, coloured, Virgin Mary of Vladimir. B461
Holy Guardian Angel Icon Set – Consecrated with Candles
63.00 56.07 (11%)
The Icon Of Holy Guardian Angel From Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, Orthodox Gift Set, handmade, 12 wax candles, consecrated. B459
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Product code: B460.
Icon size 90mm x 110mm x 20mm.
1 box with the 12 wax candles for home praying , with the image of the icon of the Holy Trinity. On each candle is the prayer – Save and Protect.
The size is 195mm x 8mm.

EAN: 1390000308572
SKU: B460
Embarking on a spiritual journey through the realm of Orthodox Christianity unveils the profound significance of sacred artifacts in the life of the faithful. Among these, the Holy Trinity Icon Set, consecrated at the revered Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, stands as a beacon of divine grace and intercession. This exquisite Orthodox gift set, comprising a meticulously handcrafted icon and a complementary set of prayer candles, serves not just as a decorative element but as a profound spiritual tool, enhancing the sanctity of prayer and devotion within the domestic church. The Holy Trinity Icon: A Masterpiece of Devotion The centerpiece of this set is the Icon of the Holy Trinity, a symbol of divine unity and love. Created using an author's technique that combines tempera paint with varnish and drying oil, this icon is a testament to the enduring tradition of handmade religious icons in Orthodox Christianity. Its creation involves painstaking attention to detail and adherence to the canonical artistic styles that have been passed down through centuries. Measuring 90mm x 110mm x 20mm, the icon is crafted on wood, offering a tangible connection to the sacred stories it depicts. The icon's dimensions and the choice of materials reflect a deep respect for Orthodox iconographic tradition, ensuring that the artifact is not only beautiful but also spiritually potent. Prayer Candles: Illuminating the Path to God Accompanying the icon is a box of 12 wax candles, each adorned with the image of the Holy Trinity Icon. These candles, measuring 195mm x 8mm, are more than mere sources of light; they are imbued with the prayer "Save and Protect," making each act of lighting a candle an invocation of divine guardianship. The inclusion of Orthodox candle sets in this gift package underscores the integral role of light in Orthodox worship, symbolizing Christ as the light of the world and illuminating the faithful's path toward salvation. Consecration: A Blessing from the Monastic Heart of Orthodoxy Each item within this set has been blessed at the Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, a spiritual fortress with a history that spans centuries. The monastery's blessing infuses these items with a deep spiritual significance, making the set a powerful conduit for divine grace. This consecration process links the set to the monastic community's prayers and ascetic labors, extending the monastery's spiritual support to whoever welcomes these sacred objects into their home. The Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery: A Legacy of Faith The Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery, where these sacred items are blessed, is renowned for its unwavering dedication to the Orthodox faith. Nestled in the Russian landscape, this monastic community has been a beacon of spiritual life, prayer, and Orthodox tradition for generations. The icons and prayer candles consecrated here carry the spiritual legacy of the monastery, making them not only valuable sacred art collectibles but also potent symbols of the Orthodox Christian faith's endurance and depth. Applications: Beyond Aesthetic Beauty to Spiritual Utility The Holy Trinity Icon Set transcends aesthetic beauty, serving as a vital component of Orthodox home praying accessories. Positioned in a home prayer corner or iconostasis, the icon and candles create a sacred space where the faithful can engage in prayer, meditation, and reflection. This set is also an ideal choice for spiritual gift sets, offering a meaningful expression of love and care for occasions such as baptisms, weddings, or house blessings. A Gift of Spiritual Depth Presenting this set as a gift is an act of profound spiritual significance. It not only decorates a home but sanctifies it, bringing the presence of the Holy Trinity into daily life. As religious decor and devotionals, these items remind the faithful of God's omnipresence and their personal commitment to living a life in accordance with His divine will. Dimensions, Material, and Craftsmanship The Icon of the Holy Trinity, the heart of this set, is meticulously crafted from wood, measuring 90mm in width, 110mm in height, and 20mm in depth. Its creation employs a unique blend of tempera, varnish, and drying oil, ensuring that each icon is not only a work of art but a durable object of veneration. The set's 12 wax candles, each bearing the sacred image and prayer, measure 195mm in height and 8mm in diameter, perfectly designed for use in personal devotion and prayer. The Significance of the Holy Trinity in Orthodox Christianity The Holy Trinity, represented in this icon, holds a place of paramount importance in Orthodox theology and worship. The iconography of the Holy Trinity, often inspired by the Hospitality of Abraham, conveys the mystery of one God in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This icon not only serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation but also as a theological statement, embodying the unity and love that characterizes the divine nature. The Holy Trinity Icon Set, with its depiction of this central mystery, invites the faithful into a deeper understanding and relationship with God. The Artistic Tradition of Iconography Iconography, the art of creating religious images, plays a crucial role in Orthodox Christian spirituality. Icons are not merely art; they are considered windows to the divine, offering a visual means through which the faithful can venerate the saints and mysteries they represent. The technique of creating icons, as seen in the Holy Trinity Icon Set, is rooted in centuries-old traditions that require both artistic skill and spiritual insight. The use of tempera, varnish, and drying oil in the icon's creation links it to a long history of iconographic art, where materials and methods are chosen for their ability to convey the sacred presence. The Role of Prayer Candles in Orthodox Worship The inclusion of prayer candles with icons in this set reflects the integral role of light in Orthodox spirituality. Light, in Orthodox worship, symbolizes the presence of Christ, the Light of the World, dispelling darkness and illuminating the path to salvation. The act of lighting a candle before an icon is a deeply symbolic gesture, representing the offering of oneself to God, the prayer of the faithful rising like the flame towards heaven. The prayer inscribed on each candle in this set, "Save and Protect," encapsulates a fundamental desire for divine guidance and protection, making each candle a powerful tool for personal prayer. The Monastic Tradition of Blessing Sacred Objects The practice of blessing sacred objects such as icons and candles in monasteries like the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery is rooted in the understanding of these items as vessels of grace. The blessing process imbues these objects with a spiritual character, transforming them from mere items of religious art into active participants in the spiritual life of the believer. This tradition emphasizes the interconnectedness of the Church's sacramental life and the daily practices of faith, with monasteries serving as spiritual powerhouses that support and uplift the wider Christian community. The Orthodox Gift Set with the Icon of the Holy Trinity from Holy Dormition Pskovo-Petchersky Monastery embodies the profound spirituality and rich artistic heritage of Orthodox Christianity. Offering believers a tangible connection to the divine, it enhances personal and communal prayer experiences with items consecrated within the hallowed grounds of a monastery that stands as a testament to faith's enduring power. Through the intercession of the saints of Pskov-Pechersk, this gift set becomes a source of spiritual strength and protection, a beacon of light in the faithful's journey toward divine communion.
2 reviews for Holy Trinity Icon & Wax Candles Set – Consecrated Gift
2023-11-14 14:00:06
I love everything in this package – the colorful icon of the Trinity that I can hang on the wall and the authentic church candles for praying at home. These items are part of my daily prayer routine and healing. Couldn’t be happier with my order
5 out of 5
2021-06-09 11:02:12
A magnificent set, whether to offer as a gift or to buy for yourself. It is exactly as in the photos and description and was delivered to me in less than a week! Thank you so much. I'm so glad of my purchase. Everything is very qualitative and full of spirituality.
5 out of 5



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