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Seven Arrows Mother of God 999 Silver Icon 3.1×4.3


Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator Mother Of God Vladimir, Handmade, Set Of Orthodox Icons, Silver Plated 999 Gift case. B414
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Lord Jesus Christ Pantocrator Mother Of God Vladimir, Handmade, Set Of Orthodox Icons, Silver Plated 999 Gift case. B414
Silver Plated Seven Arrows Mother of God Icon 3.1×4.3
73.00 46.72 (36%)
Mother Of God Seven Arrows. Wooden Christian Orthodox Icon Silver Plated .999 Oklad Riza ( 3.1″ X 4.3″ ) 8cm X 11cm. B412
(3 customer reviews)

Product Code: B413.
The sizes are about : W – 3.1″ , L – 4.3″ (8cm x 11cm).

EAN: 1390000305311
SKU: B413
The Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, beyond its immediate religious significance, encapsulates a narrative of suffering, compassion, and ultimate protection under the mantle of the Virgin Mary. This narrative is not just a story told through time; it's an invitation to experience the profound depths of Orthodox spirituality and the universal themes of maternal love and divine intercession that it embodies. The Deep Spiritual Resonance of the Seven Arrows Icon Within the Orthodox Christian tradition, icons are not merely seen as decorative elements or artistic expressions; they are venerated as windows to the divine, offering a tangible connection to the sacred mysteries they represent. The Seven Arrows Icon, in particular, holds a special place within this sacred pantheon. It symbolizes the intense sorrows that pierced the heart of the Virgin Mary, each arrow representing a specific grief or challenge she faced in her life and by extension, the sorrows of the world that she takes upon herself. This icon serves as a beacon of hope and solace for the faithful, reminding them of the Virgin Mary's enduring presence in their lives, her readiness to intercede on their behalf, and her capacity to understand and share in their sufferings. The image of the Mother of God, pierced yet serene, evokes a powerful sense of empathy and connection, encouraging believers to find strength and refuge in her embrace. The Historical Journey of the Icon Tracing the origins of the Seven Arrows Icon reveals a journey through time, from its Byzantine roots to its place in contemporary Orthodox worship. The icon's imagery, rich in symbolic meaning, draws from the ancient traditions of Christian art, where every color, gesture, and element is imbued with theological significance. The survival and continued veneration of this icon through centuries testify to its enduring spiritual and cultural impact. The transmission of the icon's veneration from the Byzantine Empire to various cultural contexts highlights its universal appeal and the adaptability of Orthodox Christian spirituality to diverse histories and traditions. The Seven Arrows Icon, like many sacred images in Orthodoxy, has traveled across borders, languages, and cultures, finding a home wherever there is a call for the Virgin Mary's intercession. The Artistry Behind the Icon: A Fusion of Devotion and Craftsmanship Creating the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon is a sacred act that marries devout intention with meticulous artistry. Iconographers, trained in the ancient techniques of Byzantine art, approach their work as a form of prayer, fasting, and contemplation, ensuring that the process of creation is as spiritually significant as the finished icon itself. The choice of materials—durable MDF for the base and pure 999 silver for the plating—reflects a commitment to creating an object that is not only beautiful but also lasting. The application of PVD technology in silver plating the icon represents a notable innovation in the preservation of these sacred artworks. This technique ensures that the silver, symbolic of purity and the divine radiance of the Virgin Mary, remains untarnished, safeguarding the icon's beauty against the passage of time. The result is a spiritual and artistic legacy that can be passed down through generations, a perpetual source of blessing and inspiration. Dimensions, Material, and the Sanctity of Craft The Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, with its dimensions of W - 3.1, L - 4.3 (8cm x 11cm), is crafted to invite personal devotion and adorn sacred spaces with its presence. The use of MDF as a base material offers stability and longevity, ensuring that the icon can withstand the test of time and maintain its role as a focal point of prayer and veneration. The brown color of the MDF enhances the visual impact of the silver plating, creating a striking contrast that draws the eye and the heart towards the sacred image. The weight of the icon, while not specified, contributes to its sense of presence and significance. It is substantial enough to convey the importance of the artifact without hindering its placement in homes, churches, or public spaces dedicated to spiritual reflection. This careful balance between durability and aesthetic appeal underscores the icon's dual role as both an object of veneration and a work of art. Andcross Artisan Craftsmanship: Guardians of Tradition The role of Andcross in the creation and dissemination of the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon cannot be overstated. As custodians of a rich artistic and spiritual heritage, Andcross artisans embody a deep respect for the traditions of Orthodox iconography, while also embracing the possibilities offered by modern technology. Their dedication to craftsmanship ensures that each icon is not only a masterpiece of religious art but also a vibrant conduit of faith. Andcross's commitment to preserving the integrity and sanctity of Orthodox icons involves a rigorous process of selection for materials, techniques, and artisans. Each icon, including the Mother of God Seven Arrows, is the result of countless hours of labor, imbued with prayer and devotion. Through their work, Andcross artisans ensure that the spiritual legacy of Orthodox Christianity is accessible to believers around the world, offering a tangible link to the divine. The Global Reach of Sacred Art: Bringing Icons to the World The advent of worldwide religious icon shipping marks a significant development in the accessibility of sacred art. This service allows the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, along with countless other spiritual treasures, to transcend geographical limitations and become a source of inspiration and devotion for believers globally. The ability to ship these icons worldwide ensures that the Virgin Mary's intercession and protection are available to all, regardless of location. This accessibility not only democratizes the experience of sacred art but also fosters a global community of faith connected by shared devotion and aesthetic appreciation. Through the careful packaging and delivery of these icons, Andcross extends the reach of Orthodox spirituality, making the profound beauty and deep symbolism of icons like the Seven Arrows available to anyone seeking solace, guidance, and a deeper connection with the divine. The Eternal Resonance of the Seven Arrows Icon In the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, we find a profound expression of faith, a testament to the enduring power of sacred art, and a bridge between heaven and earth. Through the dedicated craftsmanship of Andcross artisans and the innovative techniques employed in its creation, this icon stands as a luminous testament to the Virgin Mary's compassion, intercession, and the deep spiritual narratives that shape the Orthodox Christian tradition. As this icon continues to inspire and uplift the human spirit, it serves as a reminder of the universal themes of suffering, compassion, and divine protection that resonate across time and culture. In embracing the Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, believers and collectors are invited into a rich tapestry of history, artistry, and faith, embarking on a journey that spans centuries and continues to illuminate the path of spiritual inquiry and devotion in our contemporary world. Discover the profound Mother of God Seven Arrows Icon, a blend of ancient Byzantine craftsmanship and modern PVD silver plating for spiritual depth.
3 reviews for Seven Arrows Mother of God 999 Silver Icon 3.1×4.3
2024-03-14 14:21:50
The product is perfect, much better than the pics show.. One of my favourite icons in the collection now. Very worthy item to be mounted on a wall or a shelf. God Bless the makers and transporters of this beautiful piece of sacred art…
5 out of 5
Vera Nikonova
2023-09-06 18:22:51
An image that is moving in its tenderness, seeing the Mother of God in such sorrow. This image has always been special for me, especially since I became a mother myself. I love praying in front of this icon and ask the kind Virgin to protect my children. It is truly a wonderful icon! Thank you very much!
5 out of 5
A. Kieran
2023-04-21 15:21:03
It is a pretty work of art. Good addition to my collection of icons depicting the Virgin Mary. This one is truly hard to find in my country and I am happy that Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation had this available. Blessings from Malta and may Lord protect you
5 out of 5



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