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Gift Sets

According to the Christian religion, the basic principle is to follow the commandments that Jesus left behind. The best way to live a good life is to do good deeds, pray for all to be well, and avoid doing evil. True faith manifests itself in deeds, words, and thoughts. Quite simply, it is within the human soul.

The most important thing in communicating with the Lord is sincerity. Regardless of the circumstances, a prayer from the heart will be heard. It is unlikely that a person praying before an icon in the temple will be pleasing to the Almighty if he reads from a book and doesn’t even comprehend its meaning.

The most important thing is what is on the inside, what is in the soul. Christians, however, place a great deal of importance on objects of worship. You can strengthen your faith by using them. Candles, crosses, icons – all of these help us pray and communicate with God. It’s much easier to concentrate when you are near an image or crucifix than when you are in a noisy crowd.

What is the significance of icons to the Russian Orthodox faith?

According to John of Kronstadt, icons are essential to our existence. “Can our nature function without images? When we remember something absent, can we not imagine it? Hasn’t God Himself given us the capability of imagining? The Church responds to the cry of our nature with icons.”

Additionally, religious objects have both historical and cultural significance. Our ancestors prayed just as we do now. It is our responsibility to preserve and introduce to future generations the rituals and beauty they passed on to us. As well as praying at home and visiting temples and holy places, this applies to all types of prayer.

How Andcross Pilgrimage center helps

For more than 20 years, Pilgrimage Spiritual and Educational Center Andcross has helped believers travel to holy places. The organization also has an online store,, where Orthodox Christians can order religious items guaranteed to meet all religious standards.

On the site, you can purchase icons, books, pectoral crosses, table bells, and figurines. Several items can also be ordered in one set at once.

How to choose a suitable gift set

There are many different types of gift sets, including icons, books, wax candles, candlesticks made of ceramic and other materials, and more.

A gift set is a good choice for home prayer. Besides praying at the icon, believers can light candles near it as well. In Orthodoxy, her light represents the soul in several ways. First of all, a candle symbolizes divine light in contrast with unbelief and lack of spirituality. A candle is an indication of a willingness to donate. And finally, we remember those who have passed on are remembered in by lighting a candle.

Candles: why they are so important

The tradition of lighting candles and lamps dates back thousands of years. Moses was thus instructed by the Lord to arrange a golden candlestick with seven lamps. At the dawn of Christianity, many temples and places of prayer were in caves and other dark places.

You can also pray without turning on the electricity during today’s evening prayer with a candle. As a result, communication with the Lord and with the saints maintains the sacrament and solitude.

Candles are often packaged in boxes that feature images of saints whose icons are sold with the candle gift set. They can also be engraved with special inscriptions. As an example, “Guard and save.”

Customizing your gift sets

The contents of the gift sets can be customized in a variety of ways. In addition to the icon of the Guardian Angel, you can add a postcard, a prayer book, and an Orthodox calendar with Orthodox holidays, names, and dates of Easter.

The gift set dedicated to St. Spyridon, along with the icon, contains also a phylacto (by the way, consecrated on his relics in Greece), a small bag of cloth with content associated with the saint, which can be carried or kept at home as a talisman.

As well as icons and candles, the set contains sand from the holy caves, holy oil from the church, and a wooden cross from the holy oak. It was made in the famous Pskov-Caves Monastery.

Each set can include suitably selected themed books. The akathist of the Trinity is a perfect complement to her icon, for example.

For more information on these and many other variants of Orthodox sets, please contact the Orthodox Corporation via e-mail

The benefits of gift sets at a glance

When you purchase a set, you save yourself the time it would have taken to place several separate orders. You can choose smaller, cheaper sets or more expensive sets based on the price difference.

You can use sets for your own needs as well as give them as gifts. Gift sets are delivered in beautiful packaging. Not only do they look great, but they will delight the soul of every Christian person.